September 29, 2009


I finally finished something in the house! I've been unpacked for weeks but haven't started to decorate or hang anything yet and this place has still not felt very homey because of it.

Until now!

I have finished the kids' rooms! Jack's room is completely done and Steven and Gabby's room is almost complete! It feels so nice to go and sit in there - it feels like we live here and it's personal. It's so bright and colorful and...wonderful. I can't wait to get the rest of the house done, now. Although I think I'll wait for the King of the Castle to get here to do any of the other rooms - I need his opinions.

If you're anything like me, you love to see inside other people's homes; how they arrange their furniture, what colors they use... So if you're like me, and you go for a walk in the evenings around your neighborhood and get excited when some one's blinds are open and you can see their living-room decor, then enjoy the pictures :-) If not, sorry for another boring post!

Steven and Gabby's Room:

Jack's Room

This little prayer plaque hung in Steve's room when he was a baby. It has also hung in Steven's nursery, Gabby's nursery and now Jack's.

Side Note: When I hung Jack's name on the wall, Steven came in and read them J-A-C-K. I asked him if he knew what that spelled. He said, "Yes. It says Jack-Jack." I told him that it only said Jack. He look confused and I realized that Steven thinks that his brother's name is Jack-Jack. I explained that his name is just Jack and that we call him Jack-Jack as a nickname. He seemed confused about the whole thing.


Shaunna said...

I love the rooms, Leah! Where did you find all of the little football helmets for Steven? Love those!!

I am the same way- I love seeing the inside of other people's homes! Coleman has a tour of homes every year around Christmas time, and I always look forward to it...It's fun to see how other people decorate and get ideas.

Cara Joy said...

Oh, Jack's room is oh-so-spacious!

The Kopers said...

The rooms are adorable! I need Sewing 101 from you when we get our own place!

sue anne marsh said...

Lee the house is beautiful, I love the kids bedrooms, great idea how you hung Steven's and Gab's areas separate, and love the comforters and curtains you made.As for Jack-Jack's room he has one gorgeous nursery, it is adorable. Love his name and polka-dots. You have a real gift with decorating Lee. Can't wait to visit in person. Love you <3