September 23, 2009

The Big Move West

It's about time to fill you in on our move. So here it is. In pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Sorry if this is boring but requests have been made for pictures of our new home, so requesters: here you go. The rest of you: sorry for the boring pictures :-)

Here is our TLF living room right before we loaded up our U-Haul. I love that we have diaper boxes and that you can see my lack of brand-commitment : Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, Target Brand, and Parent's Choice. All equally represented.

(I'm actually a Pamper's fan but sometimes I'm feeling thrifty and get cheaper ones - but if I had to pick a fave - Pampers all the way. Just in case you were wondering!)


The following pictures were taken the day after we moved in. The movers came on Tuesday and dumped everything in the house. Wednesday, I took these pictures to send Steve an update. It is looking a little more put together now, but still sporting the empty walls.

(the rugs were marking where the kitchen island is going)

(the pile of wall-hangings is still in that same place, over a week later)

(there were already curtain rods up in the living room, so I stuck our curtains on them when I found them - my one piece of random decor)

(our bedroom)

(we didn't get the bunk beds in the house until 2 days later - I had to get two coats of stain on them first, so this was their set up for a few nights)

(Jack's room looks so dull - it's a little better now with his crib bedding in, but I can't wait for him to have a cute little nursery decorated in red and blue)


Lastly, Jack has started sleeping through the night and after 2 nights in the house, I started putting him in his own room. Here are pictures of him going to bed, his first night in his big crib, in his own room. What a big boy!

The End.

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The Kopers said...

I actually bought a box of Pampers yesterday,(No size 2 Huggies at Walmart!) and I like them! They're bigger than Huggies size 2's and they seem more adsorbent. I may be a new fan!