August 26, 2009

A Little Bragging

Jack is 7 weeks old and last night he slept for NINE hours!!!! And I was asleep for 8 of them! Yep, I got a FULL night's sleep without waking up once. I feel GREAT today! Woo-hoo! He went from 9:30pm until 6:30am. I went to bed around 10:30pm. What a great night! Let's see if we can make this a habit :-)

Steve and I went out to lunch, today (the kids were there, too but I like to pretend that they weren't and we were on a date) and after we ate, we sat at the table and signed all of the closing documents for OUR house and dropped them in the FedEx box on our way home. The sellers will be signing it on Friday at 2pm and then we are officially first-time home owners! (And we went to this place called Zaxby's and it was goo-ood!)

I can fit into some of my pre-baby jeans, finally. Not all of them (you know how it is - all the jeans have the same number on the inside but some always fit looser, and some tighter - I'm fitting into the looser ones in my regular size). I am so excited. This just about doubles my wardrobe. I've been so sick of the small number of things that have fit for the last 7 weeks. Just about 10 more pounds to go to be exactly where I want to be!

I've been walking at least 2 miles every morning. I get a lot of funny looks. I have Steven and Gabby in the double stroller and Jack in a carrier on my chest. I've seen several people point at me when they drive by. It's like they think I can't see them. What I want to know, is who's idea it was to put Burger King right next to the track on base. By the 3rd lap (around a half-mile track), a chocolate shake starts sounding REALLY good!

Jack's eyes are still bright blue and the roots of his hair are coming in blonde. His eyes are BEAUTIFUL! I know his eyes can still change, but if I end up with a blue-eyed, blonde-haired baby, I might start wondering if he got switched at the hospital. Not that I'm complaining, I just don't know how they came from me and Steve!

Okay, I'm done boasting. We're about to move, and no matter how well planned, or how short a distance, moving is ALWAYS stressful and somethings always go awry. So, I thought for now I'd focus on the positive because we all remember what happened LAST TIME WE MOVED!

And now you're all caught up!


Michelle said...

So - I took my lunch break to get caught up on your blog and I'm so excited that in a couple days you'll officially own your first place! I can't wait to come visit! And... by the way Kenny is (shhh) addicted as well... :-) I'm glad you like it - hurry and get caught up so we can talk about it!

Shaunna said...

How I ended up with a fair complected child with BLUE eyes and blondish/redish/brown hair is STILL a mystery to me!! Ha;]

Glad you got some rest last night- It's amazing what a good nights sleep can do!!

Soon and very soon you and I will only live a mere 54 miles away from each other- YAY!! Can't wait to see you, Steve, and Steven and meet Gabby and Jack!! Yippie:]

Shaunna said...
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Kelly Sellers said...

Hey there! I'm so glad Shaunna gave you my link. I've been sitting here catching up on your last 10 posts or so & ya'll seem like you have such a sweet and fun-loving family! I would love to be able to start our time off at Dyess right by knowing a few more people & families to have fun with. I'm actually going to A-town (sorry the vague, but I like to do that on these things :))tomorrow to visit one of my best friends this weekend. If you wouldn't mind, do you want to swap e-mail addresses so I can 'talk' to you about more specific and non-blog appropriate things...ya never know who's reading these things so hubs says you can never be too careful. Haha. I'll leave another comment with my email address so you can shout to me whenever you get a chance...then i'll delete my comment :). awesome. thanks! :) and nice to 'meet' you. :)

Diane (and Baby Taylor) said...

Holy tomato! 9 hours??? How do you do it? Awesome on the jeans and HOUSE! So excited for you!