August 19, 2009

Cara's Visit

My younger sister, Cara left this morning; back home to Florida, ready to start back to school on Monday. It was so nice to have her here. I got to sleep in every morning. She got up with the kids (not that she had much choice - she was sleeping in their room. They are not exactly quiet upon waking) and got them breakfast and then drifted in and out of consciousness on the couch while they played around her. Are we sisters, or what? That is my usual morning routine with them since Jack was born. We had a great visit, filled with superficial conversation topics, hours of watching Army Wives, pedicures, a little shopping, as well as a few real, meaningful sisterly heart-to-hearts. It was wonderful. I see so much of myself at that age in her. That makes me sound old, but I'm only 6 years older than her. It's a long 6 years though, from single, cute, college-aged girl in an apartment with roommates, to married, frumpy mother of three.... 6 years is a big difference. Still, she is so much like me in her view of others, her view of herself and her take on the world. She's much more outspoken and brave than I ever was. She takes more risks and second guesses herself much less. But deep down, we are two peas in a pod. It was fun to hear stories of her drama-filled life. Oh, the drama. Sometimes I miss the drama of being 20. It was fun. All the 'he said, she said' was, if nothing else, entertaining. Our life here is far from dramatic. I know that she must have been bored after a while. But I loved having her here.
For some reason, I took very few pictures while she was here. I just forgot. We took the kids to Wonder Place one day while she was here. The kids had a blast. We spent most of Saturday at the lake and yesterday, we went to the zoo. It was pretty lame. It was CRAZY hot outside, a lot of the animals were hiding in the shade and the zoo here is pretty small to begin with. We spent more time in Cafe Africa cooling off and drinking water than anything else. Cara and I (and Steve - shhhhh) are both now addicted to Army Wives. My sweet friend, Michelle sent me the first season on DVD. I had never seen it but I had heard that it's a pretty accurate depiction of life as a military spouse - with a little added drama. There was an episode where two of the wives where saying goodbye to their husbands as they left for deployments. I cried. It was a little TOO real for me. But we had fun watching it together and just relaxing together.
So, today is back to normal. Steve is at work. Well, sort of. Here's a text message conversation Steve and I have been having over the last half hour:
Steve: This sucks
Me: That bad?
Steve: Worse than expected
Me: Have you puked yet?
Steve: Yup
Me: More than once?
Steve: Puked twice...pretty violently
Me: Is it all over?
Steve: For today....
And conversations we have tomorrow will probably be similar. Poor guy.

On a less gross note, here are some pictures that we did take this week:

Cara and I putting the royal icing flowers that we made onto my birthday cake

Steve got me the new phone, bluetooth (for use around the house) and new bottle of my favorite perfume. My parents got me the new watch and money for some time at the spa :-) Steven got me the beautiful flowers (and is still reminding me that he got me beautiful flowers!)

We did not bring the baby swing to LR - Jack's first swinging experience....

hanging from the canoe trailor at the lake.

Away they go!

Gabby took off her shoes, put one in the lake, and watched it float away. Crazy girl. Steve had to take the canoe out to get the crock.

Aunt Cara with Gabby and Steven in the pool

Jack sleeping peacfully. Look how light his hair is already getting! It was jet black just a few weeks ago!
The ones below were taken at the zoo.


Steve and Me

Little Cuties


And now you're all caught up!


Shaunna said...

I could totally get sucked into 'Army Wives!' I have watched a few episodes...Unfortunately I have way too many shows to watch already...Blake says he's going to delete some of my timers on the DVR- HA! I guess I'm a tv junkie...Sad, but true!!

Sounds like you and Cara had a fun visit!! And I totally agree, the days of being a cute, fun, single, care free college girl seem like SUCH a long time ago!!

The Kopers said...

Your cake looked cute! We'll have to decorate my Birthday cake together!

Cara Joy said...

I love the picture of Jack as a farmer. HA! And thanks for all the lovely compliments, we really did have some good talks and I really do think we are similar. I love you!