May 8, 2009

Rambling Randomness

*Have I ever expressed my feelings toward baby boys wearing overalls/shortalls? No? Steven lived in overalls/shortalls for the first year of his life. I loved them on him with no shirt during the hot summer. I look foward to new Baby Boy wearing overalls and shortalls this next year. So, Grandmas (I know you're reading), when you are wondering what to send your new grandson, I'm sure he'll love some overalls/shortalls in sizes newborn through 12 months. I'm just throwing that out there... And to prove my weakness for baby boys in overalls/shortalls, watch the slideshow in the post above. (For some reason, Blogger refused to put the slideshow in this post)

*My due date is less than 2 months away. Wow. And if you look at my belly pictures and think I look big for my gestation, it's because I am. I had an appointment on Monday and my doctor said I'm measuring big. The uterus usually measures, in centimeters, the number of weeks gestation you are at, so at 31 weeks (which I was exactly on Monday), the average uterus measures 31 cm. Mine was measuring 32 1/2 - 33 cm. I told my doctor that I always seem to measure big (at 39 weeks with Gabby, I was measuring 42cm), and my last doctor was afraid of a huge baby but Gabby came out at 7lb, 12 oz. Apparently, I just measure big, carry big, or possibly have more amniotic fluid than the "average" woman. Whatever the reason, I am bigger than "average" but that's okay.
Sleep is getting harder and harder to get. I am getting more and more uncomfortable. And Baby Boy is getting stronger and definitely bigger. He seems to like stretching against the top of my tummy. Some times I feel like he's going to bruise me. He seems to be most active when I go for a walk. As I get closer and closer to his due date, I have a feeling most of my posts will be pregnancy-related. At this point, it seems to be taking over my life.

*Steve took me to Sears last night and surprised me with an early Mother's Day gift. A new sewing machine! I haven't used it yet but I have a project ready to go as soon as I figure it out. My old one was dying a slow death when we left it with our household goods. I got a lot of use out of it for almost 5 years, but it was time for an upgrade. I'm excited to use it! What a sweet husband I have.

* Gabby has added quite a few new words to her vocabulary this last week. She changed "yeah" to "yes" (pronounced yesh), she sees pictures of herself and points, saying "Dabby," tonight she pointed out a picture of Cinderella and said, "Rella." She fell in the lake tonight while throwing rocks with Daddy and Steven (yes, you read that right - apparently it was head first since only her head and shoulders were wet before Daddy grabbed her). She came inside and kept pointing to her shoes, telling me, "wet. wet. wet." It's so fun to watch her pick up new words.

*This has turned into a much longer post than I intended. But, now you're all caught up!

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The Kopers said...

With your sewing machine you could make a new car seat and canopy cover! I was looking at them the other day, and wanted to get you one but they're so expensive! They look really easy to make, though.