May 28, 2009

More Comparisons

Every so often, when I'm out in public (or at home and the housekeeping ladies come in), I get the random stranger who looks at me and says, "You're having a boy, aren't you?" And it always baffles me. How do they know? I don't really notice a difference in the way I'm carrying this baby and they way I carried Gabby. I never noticed a difference in the way I carried Gabby from the way I carried Steven, but complete and total strangers do. I didn't take a lot of pictures when I was pregnant with Gabby (I was pretty much hating being so fat and didn't like being in front of the camera), but I have a few. Apparently THIS is the difference between carrying a girl and a boy:

33 Weeks with Boy / 33 Weeks with Girl

The fact that I'm standing in water in both pictures in completely coincidence - these just happen to be the only two profile shots I have that were taken at about the same gestation. And now, looking at them side-by-side, I can see a HUGE difference. I don't have my pictures from my pregnancy with Steven on this computer - they're in storage in Abilene, so I don't know how that boy compared. But this boy is much lower (and BIGGER!) and Gabby was more of a bump and less of a ball, she was up higher and, while she looks smaller, part of that may be the fact that I was much bigger everywhere else - but the other part is that this boy is apparently huge and as I look at these pictures, I'm getting a little scared of some 10-pound jumbo-baby waiting in there! I'll be really glad to have that ultrasound at my next appointment and know just how big a baby we're dealing with :-)

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Shaunna said...

You really can tell a difference between you carrying a boy and a girl!

PS- Addi has a 15 month check up...Did any of your kids have 15 month check ups?? Sometimes our doctor likes to throw in a few more check ups than other doctors...Just curious!