May 28, 2009

More Comparisons

Every so often, when I'm out in public (or at home and the housekeeping ladies come in), I get the random stranger who looks at me and says, "You're having a boy, aren't you?" And it always baffles me. How do they know? I don't really notice a difference in the way I'm carrying this baby and they way I carried Gabby. I never noticed a difference in the way I carried Gabby from the way I carried Steven, but complete and total strangers do. I didn't take a lot of pictures when I was pregnant with Gabby (I was pretty much hating being so fat and didn't like being in front of the camera), but I have a few. Apparently THIS is the difference between carrying a girl and a boy:

33 Weeks with Boy / 33 Weeks with Girl

The fact that I'm standing in water in both pictures in completely coincidence - these just happen to be the only two profile shots I have that were taken at about the same gestation. And now, looking at them side-by-side, I can see a HUGE difference. I don't have my pictures from my pregnancy with Steven on this computer - they're in storage in Abilene, so I don't know how that boy compared. But this boy is much lower (and BIGGER!) and Gabby was more of a bump and less of a ball, she was up higher and, while she looks smaller, part of that may be the fact that I was much bigger everywhere else - but the other part is that this boy is apparently huge and as I look at these pictures, I'm getting a little scared of some 10-pound jumbo-baby waiting in there! I'll be really glad to have that ultrasound at my next appointment and know just how big a baby we're dealing with :-)

May 26, 2009

34 week Check Up, and Other Randomness

I had a doctor's appointment today. It went well. Baby Boy's heartbeat was good and I was measuring (as always) quite a bit bigger than normal. I will go back in 2 weeks and my doctor wants to do an ultrasound to see just how big this boy really is. I'm kind of curious as to what he will want to do if Baby Boy really is getting big. I guess we could have a baby earlier than we plan, if that's the case. But I'm honestly not too worried about that - I always seem to measure big and I'm pretty sure we'll see a normal-sized baby in there.

Steve lost his wallet over the weekend. It was such a pain. He immediately put a freeze on our debit and credit card. Today, he was planning to call the Texas DPS about getting a temporary licence sent out (since it takes 4-6 weeks for a new license to come in the mail), and get a new military ID card. Just before he was about to go to the office to get his new ID, he got a call that his wallet had been found and been turned into the base! What a blessing. He was so stressed out about losing it and then it just showed up this afternoon!

Steven has been driving me NUTS today. He has probably asked me about 1000 questions so far. I am not kidding. He is constantly asking questions. Questions he knows the answer to. Questions that there is NO answer to. Questions for the sake of hearing his own voice. Aggghhhh! On a less annoying note, he has been wearing a beaded necklace that he made in Sunday School since Sunday morning. He loves the thing. I had to explain to him that it is not safe to wear to bed but that he can put it right back on when he gets up in the morning. It took some convincing, but he finally agreed.

Gabby is starting to talk more and more. Steve coming home from work is always the most exciting part of her day. Today, she kept saying "Daddy 'ome! Daddy 'ome!" It was very sweet. She seems to always drop off the "H" sound at the beginning of her words. She'll take a bite of food, hold it up to me and tell me it is 'ot. She'll put something (anything) on her head and show me her 'at. What a little cutie!

...and now you're all caught up!

May 24, 2009

Pictures of a Rainy Sunday

Here are some pictures we took today with Steve's new waterproof camera. Right after church, we took the kids out to splash around in the rain. They LOVED it!

You have to click on this one to see the pure joy and excitement on Gabby's face.

We stripped their wet clothes and wrapped them in towels to go home. Here they are in the elevator.

Here they are in the bath, taken from underwater.

Steve and I were playing around and Steven started taking pictures of us. I hope this is the us my kids will remember when they are grown.

Here we are posing for him.
...and that's what we've been up to this afternoon.

May 20, 2009

Koper Comparisons

Last night, I was telling Steve that it is hard to picture our new son. When I think of a little baby, I picture Steven or Gabby. It's hard to imagine someone completely new and different. I can't wait to see how different and similar this little guy will be compared to the rest of his family. I found these pictures of the kids over the first few weeks of their lives. I thought it was fun to look at these similar pictures and see their differences and similarities at the same time.








It is hard to believe that soon I will have 3 of each of these pictures. My little baby-ticker is showing less than 50 days! This pregnancy has gone so fast that I've spent most of it wondering if I'm ready to handle 3 kids, and being thankful that I have more time to get ready. But in the last week or so, I have decided that I am ready for this little guy. In fact, I can't wait for him to get here; partly because I'm getting very uncomfortable and sick of being pregnant, but mostly because I'm so excited to meet our new son!

May 18, 2009

Camping with the Kopers

Steve came home from work on Friday morning and said, "let's go camping." So we packed up and hit the road Friday afternoon. We drove up to Petite Jean State Park and camped Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. We intended to stay until Monday, since Steve had the day off but we ran out of food and came home a day early. The kids love to camp and Steve and I really enjoy just being outside in the beauty and quiet of God's creation. The sounds and smells and colors and movement of nature is just breathtaking, sometimes. We always take pictures but they never seem to do justice to the splendor of it all.

Friday night, around 2 or 3 am, a thunderstorm came through and Steve and I laid in our tent and listened to the insanely loud rain pour down on our little tent, the thunder booming overhead and watching the lightning light up our nylon walls. It was pretty crazy. I've never been that exposed to a storm before and it was just so loud. Amazingly, both kids slept completely through it. At times, Steve and I were trying to talk and had to yell, almost just to hear each other over the sound of the rain on the tent. Thank you, Coleman for an effectively rain-guarded tent! We spent Saturday and Sunday hiking and exploring the park. I was worn out by the time we got home on Sunday.

This morning (Monday), we went for a walk to the base lake, where the kids enjoyed throwing rocks into water, a Koper Family favorite. The Koper kids could throw rocks into water for hours and hours. We stopped at the Shoppette on the way home because I got a sudden craving (when I'm pregnant I can call it a craving and no one asks why - it's great!) for Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. The rest of our afternoon was pretty restfull. This his how my family spent it:

I spent almost an hour folding and putting away clean laundry. Ugh. That is my most detested household chore. But after camping, EVERYTHING smells like the camp fire and has to be washed, even if it's not actually dirty. Then, we drove out to a nearby park so Steve and some friends of his could hike up a summit and my friend, Kelley (wife of one of the mountain-climbers) sat comfortably on a bench and watched our children play on a playground at the base of the summit.
It was a wonderful, long, tiring weekend. I'll end with some pictures from our camping trip.

Steven flexing his muscles

Steven and me in the Rock House Cave

A Koper Family Picture (notice Gabby is passed out)

Gabby, still sound asleep after being put down - she slept there for at least 30 minutes

...and now you're all caught up!

May 14, 2009

Jicamas and Art

I put my 32-week picture up over on the right. I can see a difference in the last 4 weeks. It's hard to believe I'm going to get even bigger. It is also hard to believe that there may only be one more belly picture to share before Baby Boy is born. I take them every 4 weeks, so I'll post a 36-week picture, then the next one would be 40 weeks. I may make it 40 weeks, you never know. But I never have before so I'm crossing my fingers that this guy will come at least a few days early because I know how miserable I'll be by then. According to, my boy is currently 3 3/4 - 4 lbs and is comparable in weight to this interesting piece of produce (they have a whole slide show of comparisons of a baby at each gestational week to a piece of supermarket produce). Apparently, it is called a jicama.

I got online this morning and this picture was on the Yahoo! homepage.

My first thought was, "Why is there a picture of someone holding a piece of poop on the Yahoo! homepage?" Then, I read that apparently, it is thought to be oldest sculpture ever discovered (like 40,000 years or something like that). My second thought was, "Who cares?" Which made me think about the fact that I am generally unimpressed with art. Unless it's something that I, personally think is pretty, I could care less about art in general. It's just not in me. I'm not artistic, and I think I'm getting through life pretty well. My kids enjoy coloring, but when Steven has a crayon or marker in his hand, I find that Steve and I generally encourage him to write letters, as opposed to drawing pictures. Maybe that is why he brought this home from Sunday School a while ago.

I was actually really impressed with it (Steve was not). It was the first time I have ever seen him depict a person or anything, really in his coloring. He usually just scribbles. I think most kids his age may be a little beyond this, but I don't care. Like I said, "art, shmart." He can throw a football like a rocket, he can write his letters and he can spell small words. I think he'll be alright in life, even if his artistic skills never surpass this:

I just think it's so cute, I had to post it, again :-)

And lastly, THIS blog cracks me up. As a girl raised in Baptist Church, everything this guy has to say is SO true! I subscribe to it on my google reader and it makes me laugh every morning!

May 11, 2009

Our Week in a Nutshell

...a really long, wordy nutshell, because if nothing else, I am at least long-winded.
Wednesday: My good friend Diane came into Little Rock for a business trip and got to spend a few hours with me. It was so good to see her. We have been friends since the 8th grade and haven't seen each other since my wedding, almost 5 years ago. She is expecting her first baby just a few weeks after our new one. We had such a good time catching up and just chatting. Thanks so much for making time to get together, Diane!

This picture has inspired me to stop wearing this black sweater! Ick!

Friday: Steve was home most of the day and we ran some errands and got out of the house for a bit - it was really nice. That was the day that he took me to get my Mother's Day present, a new sewing machine. Here are the kids enjoying my gift:

Saturday: We lounged around a lot. It rained all day. It rains all day every day, though. We took the kids to the theater (the base theater is cheap, older movies) and saw Monsters Vs. Aliens. Steven loved it and Gabby even seemed to enjoy herself. Saturday night, Gabby started running a fever, though.

Sunday: Gabby woke up with a 101* fever. She had run it most of the night so we decided not to take her to spread her germs at the church nursery. And taking her in the service with us is not a good option since we'd spend an hour and half keeping her quiet and not hearing the message. So we stayed home and went out to a late brunch. The base club put on a fancy little Mother's Day Brunch and I ate SO much. It was delicious! Steven loved it, too. Gabby didn't eat much and mostly sat on Steve's lap looking sad. But it was a very nice brunch. We had left-over lasagna for dinner and I got to go all day without cooking!

Steve had some work to do in the evening to prepare for his flight this morning, but when he was ready for a break, we went for a nice walk out on the track. We followed it up with a little workout at home : modified crunches, push-ups, dips and lunges. I felt good afterwards and this is something I do fairly often in the evenings while Steve does his workout. But afterwards, I was cleaning up some dishes and had a pretty strong, long contraction and afterwards noticed some spotting. It kind of freaked me out so,

Monday (Today): I called my doctor this morning. My sweet nurse, Susan made me feel better and suggested that I take it easy for the next few days. Baby Boy's movement are still good and strong as ever, so I'm sure everything is fine. I'm just praying for this pregnancy to continue to go as smoothly as it has so far. I took Gabby into the clinic this morning to be seen for her 3rd straight day of fever. She's fine - just a virus. She's just so sad and pouty and un-Gabby, it makes me sad. I'll be glad when she's over it!

Here are some cute, random pictures of my beautiful children.

Steven LOVES to talk on the phone, lately. Just ask any of his grandparents - they've all had their ears chewed off by this little cutie!

The kids were contentedly playing like this in their room.

Gabby and I getting ready for a walk - Gabby LOVES her new shoes (even if they don't match her shirt!)

May 8, 2009

Rambling Randomness

*Have I ever expressed my feelings toward baby boys wearing overalls/shortalls? No? Steven lived in overalls/shortalls for the first year of his life. I loved them on him with no shirt during the hot summer. I look foward to new Baby Boy wearing overalls and shortalls this next year. So, Grandmas (I know you're reading), when you are wondering what to send your new grandson, I'm sure he'll love some overalls/shortalls in sizes newborn through 12 months. I'm just throwing that out there... And to prove my weakness for baby boys in overalls/shortalls, watch the slideshow in the post above. (For some reason, Blogger refused to put the slideshow in this post)

*My due date is less than 2 months away. Wow. And if you look at my belly pictures and think I look big for my gestation, it's because I am. I had an appointment on Monday and my doctor said I'm measuring big. The uterus usually measures, in centimeters, the number of weeks gestation you are at, so at 31 weeks (which I was exactly on Monday), the average uterus measures 31 cm. Mine was measuring 32 1/2 - 33 cm. I told my doctor that I always seem to measure big (at 39 weeks with Gabby, I was measuring 42cm), and my last doctor was afraid of a huge baby but Gabby came out at 7lb, 12 oz. Apparently, I just measure big, carry big, or possibly have more amniotic fluid than the "average" woman. Whatever the reason, I am bigger than "average" but that's okay.
Sleep is getting harder and harder to get. I am getting more and more uncomfortable. And Baby Boy is getting stronger and definitely bigger. He seems to like stretching against the top of my tummy. Some times I feel like he's going to bruise me. He seems to be most active when I go for a walk. As I get closer and closer to his due date, I have a feeling most of my posts will be pregnancy-related. At this point, it seems to be taking over my life.

*Steve took me to Sears last night and surprised me with an early Mother's Day gift. A new sewing machine! I haven't used it yet but I have a project ready to go as soon as I figure it out. My old one was dying a slow death when we left it with our household goods. I got a lot of use out of it for almost 5 years, but it was time for an upgrade. I'm excited to use it! What a sweet husband I have.

* Gabby has added quite a few new words to her vocabulary this last week. She changed "yeah" to "yes" (pronounced yesh), she sees pictures of herself and points, saying "Dabby," tonight she pointed out a picture of Cinderella and said, "Rella." She fell in the lake tonight while throwing rocks with Daddy and Steven (yes, you read that right - apparently it was head first since only her head and shoulders were wet before Daddy grabbed her). She came inside and kept pointing to her shoes, telling me, "wet. wet. wet." It's so fun to watch her pick up new words.

*This has turned into a much longer post than I intended. But, now you're all caught up!

May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

I haven't done this in a while, but I thought it was about time to participate once again in McMama's Not Me Monday. So, as McMama does each Monday (when her baby's not in the hospital), I will "be brutally honest and live to tell about it." Here are some of the things that I most certainly did NOT do this week.

I did not go take 3 toddlers out to run some errands and get lots of comments about how "full my hands are" or get flat-out asked, "are they ALL yours?" (I had my 2, plus I watched our friends' Josh and Kelley's 2-year-old while they were in the hospital having a baby)

I did not just smile at most of these comments without stopping to explain that one of them did not belong to me.

Steven did not bring a little New Testament Bible home from church last week which Gabby did not tear to shreds and Steve did not throw away. Steven's Sunday school teacher did not then ask me yesterday if I could bring said Bible back since it belonged to another child. I did not tell her that I would look for it.

I did not put my kids in the bath to play almost every night last week just to contain them for a while...and then not even wash them, since they didn't even need the bath to begin with.

I did not tell Steven that he had to go back to bed because contrary to what he believed, it was NOT morning time yet when he woke me up at 6:45 one morning.

Steven did not completely ignore me, knowing I was wrong and insist that I get up and get him some cereal. I did not get him his cereal and go back to bed.

Steve did not tell me (repeatedly) that he is SURE I am having twins because my belly looks so big this time. He does not refer to my belly as Jack and Jill.

Gabby did not ask for a spanking after being scolded one day. Spankings are a form of discipline and my children hate to get them - she would never smack her own bottom and smile, saying "pankin?" after getting getting into trouble.

Steven is learning what sounds letters make and when he figured phone must start with F, I did not tell him that he was correct. He does not still think phone starts with F. I was not proud of him for thinking that.

Gabby does not say that every animal says Moo. I spend just as much time teaching her "important" things like animal sounds as I did with Steven.

I did not sleep from 9:30pm Saturday, until 9:00am Sunday. That would be insane. That is more sleep than any adult needs. I did not then, have to rush around to get ready for church on time.

Steve and I did not finally just agree that we'll pick a name for our son when he's born. We did not give up. We are not sick of discussing names.

Steve did not tell me to contain my coughs in the hospital because he didn't want me to be accused of spreading the swine flu and be made to wear a mask. I did not then keep my coughs in.

We did not get a tour of the hospital where we will deliver and get told that some of the rooms have refrigerators and microwaves, but most don't because they've been STOLEN.

Steve and I did not chuck this up to "typical Arkansas." I of course, love the state of Arkansas and believe the population is made up of very classy, respectable people.

...Nope, Not Me!!