March 13, 2009

Home Sweet Temporary Home

We are all "settled" here in Arkansas. As settled as we're going to get, at least. Knowing we're only here for 5 months makes it difficult to be in a settled state of mind, but I think we're going to enjoy our time here.

Moving was stressful but exciting. I'm glad it's over for now and that we have a few months before we have to do it again.
It was strange to see the home we've lived in for the last year all emptied out.

Tuesday, after everything was packed up (including Steve's tools), the Explorer's driver-side window decided to crap-out. It was stuck in the down position. We had the option of taking it to be fixed, which would delay our moving and cost a bunch of money we don't need to spend since Steve can easily fix it himself as soon as his tools are unpacked OR tape it up and head out. We went the latter. Yep, we looked like hillbillies. Wednesday (the 12th), we headed to Abilene with Steve driving the hillbilly Explorer with trailer in tow. And the kids and me in the Expedition with U-Haul trailer in tow. We drove to Abilene, Texas, about 265 miles. 7 hours later, we arrived. Yes, SEVEN hours. It rained monsoon-style the ENTIRE way. I definitely prayed A LOT during that drive. I was so nervous driving in that rain with a 2000 pound trailer behind me. We had to stop and re-tape the window 3 or 4 times and stop and re-tie the tarp on Steve's trailer just as many times. Every time we got out, we got SOAKED. By the time we got to Steve's Dad's house, we were so cold and wet and miserable, it wasn't even funny. My underwear and bra were soaked - that's how wet I got just getting out of the car every hour or so. It was a very long day. At the end of the day we just had to sit back and be thankful that we were safe.
We stayed the night at Steve's dad's house and Thursday morning (yesterday), got up and headed out at about 7am. This time, we were all in the Expedition together, having left the Explorer and one trailer behind in "storage" (Dad's garage) for when we move back later this year.

The drive to Little Rock was PERFECT. The weather was great. We made good time and it took us about the same amount of time as our trip the day before had, even though it was over twice the distance! We only stopped twice, both times for gas, ate lunch from a cooler and just talked and laughed about the day before. It was wonderful. The kids were little angles (for the most part).
I made some car toys a few months ago at MOPS and saved them for this trip. They are cookie sheets that I decorated with paint-pens and gave them lots of fun magnets to arrange on them. Gabby thought it was pretty fun for a while, but Steven really loved his. I think Gabby's still just a little young for it.

We got into our unit in the late afternoon. Steve and I have both stayed in Air Force Temporary Living Facilities (TLF) before, both as kids and in the last year. It's always fine and we tried not to get our hopes up for anything super-duper nice, but we were SO impressed when we walked in the door. It so much roomier than we ever would have thought.
The kids are sharing a room for the first time. They seem to like it. Last night was Gabby's first night in a big-girl bed. I was sad to take her out of the crib but bringing it and setting it up here just wasn't plausible. We got rails for her bed, for her safety and hoping it would help it feel more like her crib.

Gabby is my good sleeper. She has slept through the night since she was about a month old (for real). The only time she gets up in the night is when she's sick. Last night, she woke up fussing 3 times. I finally just slept with her for a few hours. A new bed is going to take some getting used to, I guess. Poor baby.

This morning, I put her down for a nap like normal. She was very sleepy after her rough night and she was almost asleep in her bed when I left the room. All was quiet, when I tip-toed in about 30 minutes later to check on her. I snuck over to the bed to was empty. I turned around in confusion. She wasn't on Steven's bed. She wasn't on the floor. Then I spotted her.

She had climbed up on our make-shift changing table (her changing pad on top of storage bins) and gone to sleep. She was out cold on the changing table. It's the same changing pad with the same cover on it that I've always used for her and I think it was just something normal and familiar so she was more comfortable on it. Notice, she did take her blanky with her. I took her picture and moved her back to the bed. Too cute.

The unit we're in is pretty nice. The decor is very hotel-y but it's quite new and has nice appliances and HUGE closets in the both bedrooms. We have more storage than we need. Steve and I have nightstands!!! At home, our bedroom consists of our mattress and boxspring on the floor, a bookshelf on Steve's side of the bed and I had a cardboard box on my side that I called "my nightstand." We are living it up here in TLF! There's a playground right outside and an indoor play-area down the hall for rainy days. The library, BX and commissary are all within close walking distance. I am so thankful for this place to live. And even more thankful that we have the chance to come with Steve on this training trip and not have to be separated for these 5 months. What a blessing.

For the grand finale of my post of pictures, here are some pictures of our baby boy, taken last Wednesday.

A nice profile shot

The 3-D pictures are really cool, but they get a little distorted. He has his hand on his chin and you can see the cord in front of his face.

I don't really think his neck is that wide....but isn't his little face so sweet?

That's it! And now you're all caught up!


Kami said...

Hey! I'm glad your trip seemed to go well. Love the ultrasound pics! My baby is here now! Do you have my Web site? I'm not on My space anymore. Are you on facebook? I'm going to send you an e-mail just to make sure - I hope I have the right address :)

Shaunna said...

What a trip from San Antonio to Abilene! I'm sure that was just miserable!! I'm so glad the trip to Arkansas was much more pleasant:)

The picture of Gabby crashed out on the makeshift changing table is so funny! Poor girl! Hope she adjusts to that new big girl bed soon!!

I love the sono pics...Too precious! What a sweet baby boy!

Glad ya'll are all settled...Keep the posts coming- I had been missing you!!

And the thought of that snake being anywhere near Addi terrifies me! Ugh...I don't even like to think about it!!

Laura said...

I love the is perfect! So thankful y'all can be together.

such a cool idea with the cookie sheets.

after all this packing, moving, broken window, rain...i think you are a supermom!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah~

All I can say is WOW! What a trip and what amazing pictures. I am amazed at your strength and all that you have endured these past few weeks and marvel at how awesome God is to see us through everything we go through. You truly are amazing inside and out and I am so proud of the woman you have become and the sweet momma that you are! You are loved my dear niece..Give kisses to everybody! Seriously, you need to get a Facebook

Aunt Sheila