February 3, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday....updated

***Update at the bottom with Grog definition***

I've been trying to figure out how to make this a Top Ten Wednesday since I didn't get around to posting this yesterday...then I realized that today IS Tuesday, so I'm okay. Seriously, I NEVER know what day of the week it is. When Steve had a normal M-F job, I was always aware of the day of the week since he was home on weekends. But the last few weeks and especially this week, since he graduated on Friday (I know - Yay!!), he's just home all the time and it totally throws me off. Every day feels like Saturday. Anywho, we had a REALLY busy week, so here are my
Top Ten Favorite Pictures From this Week

1. We took our Frommer's Guide downtown and did the walking tour mapped out in it. We had been to most of the places many times before but there were a few places on it that we never even would have known about. It was a really fun day.

2. We stopped at a park on our walking tour and for some reason, Gabby kept laying down in the leaves. Steven joined her for this shot.

3. At the dinner held for Steve's flight the night before he graduated. This is him accepting his Certificate of Aeronautical Rating from his flight commander.

4. I just love Steve's face in this one. He was so grossed out. I had to drive home that night after he was sent to the grog 4 times.

5. This was us at the end of the evening. We took several pictures, but someone did something stupid in the background in EVERY one. This is the dress I went to Ross and bought in the non-maternity section shortly after a recent post seeking wardrobe advice :-)

6. I LOVE this picture. My husband looks SO handsome and my children look like little angels. What a beautiful family I've been blessed with. This was taken the afternoon of Steve's graduation. We had the ceremony (during which my children were NOT angels) and then toured Steve's training plane and simulator.

7. Saturday night we went camping at Canyon Lake. It was pretty cold, as you can tell from the way this child is dressed. She found Steve's gum and was trying pretty hard to open it with mittens on. It was pretty funny to watch - she was unsuccessful. (Gabby LOVES gum. Whenever Steve leaves a pack out in her reach, I can count on finding her with a chewed up piece or two in her mouth, wrapper and all)

8. We walked along the water's edge around sunset and it was just beautiful. This was taken on a tripod made of rocks - we were totally alone out there.

9. Steven and I on the beach. What a sweet boy.

10. Here we are getting ready for bed Saturday night. We all slept in all our clothes and all together on one air mattress. It was such a fun way to spend time together before Steve leaves (he leaves Thursday for about a month).

As you can see, we had a really fun and busy week. That's not even taking into account that Sunday, we got home from camping, showered and cleaned up then had a bunch of friends over for the Super Bowl. Yesterday, Steve and I (mostly I, since Steve kept getting frustrated) painted over our "accent wall" in our living room since we'll be moving soon and had to make it white again (our living room looks SO dull). Today, we shopped in the morning then went on a 7 mile walk around the base. Tomorrow we plan to go back downtown to finish our walking tour of San Antonio (we only got about 1/2 way through it last week). Then, Steve leaves Thursday morning and I plan to be lazy and rest for the rest of this week! I'm going to try to drag Steve inside now, it's 9:30 pm and he's outside with a friend working on a motorcycle. I'm about to fall asleep.

And now you're all caught up!

***The grog is a staple to the Dining In (a formal military dinner). There are many variations to the grog, however in this case, everyone from Steve's flight brought an ingredient to either the alcoholic or non-alcoholic grog. The non-alcoholic grog included things like, energy drinks, soy sauce, slim fast, powdered cheddar cheese, ginger ale and other soda. There's always one person who wants to make the non-alcoholic grog as disgusting as possible to "encourage" everyone to drink. The alcoholic grog included many different alcohols. Steve said it tasted like cough syrup (which is better than frothy cheese-goop). A set of "rules" were set before the dinner and when anyone was caught breaking one, they could be sent to the grog by anyone who noticed the violation (it only pertained to service members - I was safe!). There is a formal procedure for sending someone to the grog, and another procedure for drinking the grog, including holding it upside-down over your head after drinking to prove that you drank it all. Steve said he got his hair wet after every drink. He got sent up for using someone's first name, as opposed to their last and drinking with his right hand, instead of left, among other broken "rules" of the night.


Cara Joy said...

What's a grogg? Alcohol, I'm guessing? I can't see his face very well so I'm trying to imagine.

Shaunna said...

I love, love, LOVE the picture of Steve and the kids walking at after his graduation...You'll for sure have to enlarge that one and frame it!! Soooo precious!!

Your Ross non-maternity dress looks way cute- Good choice!!

And I too am clueless about a grogg?? You'll have to fill us in!

Looks like a fun week!!

And I can't believe you took a 7 mile walk??!!! I walked 2 miles this afternoon, and thought I was doing good! 2 seems like NOTHING compared to your 7!!

Sorry Steve is leaving this week:( At least he's gone for the SHORTEST month of the year:)

Loved all those great pictures!!