January 18, 2009

Conversations with a Three-Year-Old

I've been keeping track of all the funny things Steven has said in the last week or so. Before you read them, you have to understand that everything Steven says, he YELLS. He rarely speaks in a normal voice. He is always yelling. So, as you read these you must picture them ALL being yelled. Okay, here they are:

The other day, he patted my round tummy and said, "I can see the baby's head!" He then talked about naming the baby The Hudson Hornet (a character from Cars). This is now what he refers to our unborn baby as...The Hudson Hornet.

When I tuck him in at night, we always sing a song. Lately it's been Old MacDonald's Farm. He picks the animals for each verse and I sing it. The other night, he got through a LOT of animals and was having trouble thinking of more so he said "A guy." I asked what a guy says - thinking maybe he'd say Hi, or Bye or something else with one syllable. But no, this is the verse I had to sing. I was laughing so hard, I barely got through it. Sing it : On his farm, he had a guy, e-i-e-i-o, with a "the pigs are here" here, and a "the pigs are here" there, here a "the pigs are here," there a "the pigs are here" everywhere a "the pigs are here, the pigs are here." Is he a pig-delivery guy? I'm not sure.

I took Steven in to the bathroom at Home Depot to go pee-pee. When we got into the very small, quiet bathroom, a lady is in a stall, Steven walked in, wrinkled his nose and asked "Was that a fart?" I ignored his comment hoping he would forget about it and tried to distract him with the task at hand, he says, "Yeah, that was a fart!" Poor lady.

We were cleaning out Gabby's closet and he found a picture frame that I had never used with the random baby in it. He got all excited, "It's The Hudson Hornet!"

He hands me two race cars, with a scowl on his face, he says, "Lets race and lets be naughty!" (Race cars are very naughty when they race and bump into each other)

There is a neighborhood cat named Otto that the kids love. Steve took the boy to Autozone and he thought we were going to "Otto's home."

As I was tucking him in one night, I asked, "Are you ready to pray?" He says, "No, we have to go downstairs. I have to talk to you...about numbers." Then goes into how he is three and three is a number and that is the number that he is. His stall-tactics are getting more and more creative.

It is so fun to watch him grow, and see how his mind works as his vocabulary grows. He is such a bright part of our lives and I just love to sit and talk to my sweet boy. He is such a blessing.


Kami said...

Love it! The hudson hornet thing is funny - I'm glad Ryan hasn't thought of that one yet!!

Shaunna said...

Blake and I got a good kick out of these! Our favorite..."Was that a fart?! Yeah, that was a fart!" Too funny!! :)

Jr, Holly, and Nolan Koper said...

He's so funny! I can't wait to see him again. I hope Nolan is just as cute and hysterical as his cousin:)

Sue Anne Marsh said...

This blog made me laugh out loud and filled my eyes with tears for missing our grandbabies. They are loan from the Lord that soon grow up enjoy them Lee as I did you, even when they are being "little stinkers" :) Love Mom

Cara Joy said...

I can't believe you could remember all the words to that old macdonald song. I wouldve gotten confused and given up...what a trooper you are.