January 25, 2009

I Love Lost

Okay, so the season premier was Wednesday, but instead of watching the 2 hour show, I had a dance party with my kids. Steve and I just watched the premiere online last night. I am SO hooked on this show. I want to give everyone out there a chance to enjoy this show the way I do. So, here is a history of Lost - watch it and you're caught up to watch next week's riveting episode!

January 21, 2009

A Full Life

I decided I needed to update with some pictures. But then I looked on my camera, and realized I haven't taken any pictures lately. Last night I had Steve take my 16-week belly picture (posted over on the right for comparing purposes - what a difference from 12 weeks!) and I vow to take more pictures of my kids this week. What kind of mother doesn't take daily pictures of her children? I guess things have just been kind of busy lately. Not that we have a lot of extra stuff going on, but our lives are just full right now.

Gabby has reached a difficult stage. She's really fussy and has started to show quite a temper. She keeps me busy and she spends a LOT of time doing this:

She seems to be much stronger-willed than Steven ever was. We may just have a little stinker on our hands with this one.

My sweet friend, Tara (who's son is LaRue) let me borrow me a bunch of really cute maternity clothes for the cool weather, along with this:

and I LOVE it. I've been doing a 40-minute workout with this each day this week, along with getting a walk in most days. I didn't think it would be that great - I thought since it was just for preggos, it would be really easy and lame, but it's not at all. The cardio session really gets me out of breath and I struggle to do all the pushups in the toning session. I'm trying to push myself and really workout a lot while I have the time and energy to do it. I am determined to make this my healthiest, most comfortable pregnancy, yet. I keep a weight chart to keep track of my weight gain, just as I did with Gabby. At 16 weeks, I have gained 4 pounds and at 16 weeks with Gabby, I had gained 6. That's not a big difference but my total weight was 10 pounds more with Gabby, since I was heavier before getting pregnant. My goal is 25 pounds this time. That would be a great improvement from the 64 gained with Steven and the 35 with Gabby (although 35 is in the normal range and was not bad at all). Not that I'm dieting by any means, just trying to work off what I do eat....which is a LOT right now. I've noticed an absurd increase in my appetite this week.

When Steve is home, we've been spending a lot of time planning for our moves, and house-hunting online in Abilene. We keep going back and forth on whether or not we want to buy a house or live on base. We decided this week we want to buy a house....again. We've found a few houses we really like. Of course, we're not going to be there for another 6 months so we'll be looking at different houses when we get there. But it's still fun to look and get an idea of what's in our price-range.

Steven is the same as always. He eats, sleeps, and breathes racecars. Sometimes he IS a racecar. He's got a big appetite these days, too. Every time I turn around, he's asking for a snack. I told him to get himself and Gabby a cheese stick the other day while I was working out. A few minutes later, they were still eating and I thought this was strange because cheese sticks don't last long with them. I then noticed about 4 wrappers on the couch next to him. He'd been going to town on the cheese when I wasn't paying attention. I think he must be on a growth spurt.

So, those are my excuses for not having any pictures to update with: Gabby's a handful, I'm working out and stuffing my face, Steve and I are planning and dreaming, Steven won't stop eating, laundry, cooking, cleaning (and blogging)! Whew! What a fun life. I wouldn't trade this for anything on earth.

Proverbs 3:1-2 My son, don't forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commands; for they will bring you many days, a full life, and well-being.

January 18, 2009

Conversations with a Three-Year-Old

I've been keeping track of all the funny things Steven has said in the last week or so. Before you read them, you have to understand that everything Steven says, he YELLS. He rarely speaks in a normal voice. He is always yelling. So, as you read these you must picture them ALL being yelled. Okay, here they are:

The other day, he patted my round tummy and said, "I can see the baby's head!" He then talked about naming the baby The Hudson Hornet (a character from Cars). This is now what he refers to our unborn baby as...The Hudson Hornet.

When I tuck him in at night, we always sing a song. Lately it's been Old MacDonald's Farm. He picks the animals for each verse and I sing it. The other night, he got through a LOT of animals and was having trouble thinking of more so he said "A guy." I asked what a guy says - thinking maybe he'd say Hi, or Bye or something else with one syllable. But no, this is the verse I had to sing. I was laughing so hard, I barely got through it. Sing it : On his farm, he had a guy, e-i-e-i-o, with a "the pigs are here" here, and a "the pigs are here" there, here a "the pigs are here," there a "the pigs are here" everywhere a "the pigs are here, the pigs are here." Is he a pig-delivery guy? I'm not sure.

I took Steven in to the bathroom at Home Depot to go pee-pee. When we got into the very small, quiet bathroom, a lady is in a stall, Steven walked in, wrinkled his nose and asked "Was that a fart?" I ignored his comment hoping he would forget about it and tried to distract him with the task at hand, he says, "Yeah, that was a fart!" Poor lady.

We were cleaning out Gabby's closet and he found a picture frame that I had never used with the random baby in it. He got all excited, "It's The Hudson Hornet!"

He hands me two race cars, with a scowl on his face, he says, "Lets race and lets be naughty!" (Race cars are very naughty when they race and bump into each other)

There is a neighborhood cat named Otto that the kids love. Steve took the boy to Autozone and he thought we were going to "Otto's home."

As I was tucking him in one night, I asked, "Are you ready to pray?" He says, "No, we have to go downstairs. I have to talk to you...about numbers." Then goes into how he is three and three is a number and that is the number that he is. His stall-tactics are getting more and more creative.

It is so fun to watch him grow, and see how his mind works as his vocabulary grows. He is such a bright part of our lives and I just love to sit and talk to my sweet boy. He is such a blessing.

January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday....

Two posts in one day! Woe! I haven't done this in a while. It's about time for a good ol' Not Me Monday!

This week...

I did not walk my two children out to a flag football game to see their daddy play at 8:30pm (30 minutes past their bedtime).

I, along with my kids, did not freeze our butts off at said football game and decide that there was no way I was walking the mile home in the cold.

I did not then, put my kids into the back of my husband's car seat-less Explorer. We did not strap them in seat belts like little adults for the mile drive back home. That would be against the law (and Gabby did not look so cute sitting in the seat beside me like a big girl).

I did not give my kids a bath tonight for the first time in I don't know how many days...at least 4.

Steve and I did not eat dinner at home (a yummy home-made quiche) tonight, and then go to Red Robin and have two baskets of french fries and a HUGE brownie sundae. That would be ridiculous. I wouldn't even want to think about the calorie intake of something like that.

I was not looking at baby boy clothes today at the BX, thinking "awwwwwww" because I am not convinced that I am having a boy with no proof. That would be silly...and possibly inaccurate.

Steven did not yell repeatedly in the BX, "I see boobs! I see boobs!" I was not embarrassed (and confused - turned out he was trying to say boots).

I am not counting down the days until the season premier of Lost (9 days to go!).

I did not read Twilight a while ago, then get 4 chapters into the sequel, New Moon this week and realize I just can't do it and give up (Sorry Cara!).

I did not replace my normal evening reading with Sudoku on Steve's Nintendo DS. I am not addicted and it does not take me a ridiculously long time to finish a puzzle.

I did not go for a bike-ride on Friday for the first time in several weeks, then have trouble walking the rest of the day from a sore butt.

I did not wake up to give a fussy Gabby Tylenol (for her soar throat) last night, and manage to pore the bottle of sticky syrup all over her blanket and sheet, making a big sticky mess in her bed.

Okay, I think that's all I can remember not doing this week. I'm sure there were others but that's all I can remember for now...


It is 12:30pm and I am on my 3rd pair of jeans. I started out in maternity jeans - new ones that I haven't worn yet. I was pretty uncomfortable yesterday in my regular ones and decided my maternity jeans MUST fit today, right? After pulling them up for the 100th time, I gave up - still too big. I put on a regular pair, 2 sizes up from my regular size - a little more comfortable than yesterday, but after about an hour, I gave them up due to discomfort. Now I'm in like 4 sizes bigger than normal, with a belt. I wouldn't exactly call it comfort, but its as close as I'm going to get. I have one belly band (link to picture in case you're not familiar with the wonder that is the belly band - although, I won't pay $20 when I can make my own for like $5) that I wear a lot, with my regular jeans completely unbuttoned and unzipped underneath. It is the most comfortable I can get now, but the band is pretty stretched out today from pulling it on and off like every day for the last few weeks. It needs a wash to stretch back to normal. That, and I need to make another one. I bought the fabric for it, just haven't gotten to it, yet. Maybe my 3 wardrobe changes should be my motivation to get on the sewing machine today. Also, I spent the morning trying on dresses for Steve's graduation and his graduation dinner, coming up in a few weeks. All my maternity dresses are way too huge in the top (my boobs were HUGE with my other two pregnancies, not so much this time) and of course, my regular dresses look goofy. Maybe I'll just wear pants? Maybe I need to go shopping? I did go get some more really cute maternity sweaters yesterday. This in-between-clothes thing just drives me nuts!

January 10, 2009

My take on baby sign language...

So, Shaunna and Holly both asked about this, so here's my experience on the subject. I don't know a whole lot about the whole baby sign language thing but I know that when Steven got to be around a year old, he started getting really frustrated because he wanted to communicate things to me and didn't have the verbal skills. He would cry because he wanted milk but didn't know how to ask for it, and I'd be offering him juice and snacks and whatever else and it wasn't what he wanted. So, I taught him the sign for milk. It took about 30 minutes to teach it to him, and after that he used it every time he wanted milk, until he learned to say the word. It was so wonderful. I then decided to teach him the signs for eat, more and all done. Sometimes he would be fussing while in his high chair and I wouldn't know if it was because he wanted to get down, or because he wanted more food. At that age, he learned the signs pretty quickly. Later, I taught him the sign for please. He still, at 3 years, will sometimes use the sign while saying please when he REALLY wants something. With Gabby, I already knew I wanted to teach her, and I started earlier. I started around 10 months, but now I see that wasn't really necessary - she didn't really start using them to communicate well until about 12-13 months. Now, they are vital to our every day routine. She points to her mouth any time she's hungry (which is all day long), and wakes up doing the sign for milk, every morning. I'll give her a handful of grapes, she'll scarf them down and quickly ask for more, unless she's done, when she'll just wave her hands for "all done." It is so great to know what she wants. When she and Steven are playing in the bath, she'll do "all done" to get out. I just looked the signs up online and did the sign every time I said the word. I know a lot of moms also teach their baby the signs for hurt and help. I'm sure they would both be helpful, too. So, that's all I know about the subject but I definitely recommend it to any moms out there. It's really helpful and they just look so cute when they are asking for more!

January 8, 2009

Football Ramblings...

My last post was typed up while I sat in front of the Fiesta Bowl. Now, I sit in front of the BCS Championship game. I married a man who lives for football. He actually misses football in the spring and summer. Really. Like it makes him sad that there is no football to watch. And he follows it closely. All of it. College, NFL. He doesn't care. He's already talking about going to Abilene Cooper (his high school) games when we get to Abilene. If you ask Steve what his favorite holiday is, he will say Super Bowl Sunday every time. I've learned a lot more about football in the last 5 years that we've been together than I ever did before. I've come to actually enjoy a good game. I've even been known to say things like, "No, he was down" but I think my comments are usually more like, "Why do the wear those two colors together? They don't really go together." or "I hate when they wear white pants - you can see their jock-strap right through it. Yuck." or "Why does the coach look so angry - they're winning. He should smile more." You can teach a girl football, but it won't make her any less of a girl! Steve just walked down the stairs, having been up there for about 4 minutes and asked (urgently), "did anyone score?" Shrug. I dunno.

Gabby had her 15-month check-up today. She had to get 3 shots. She cried. I teared up. It sucked. But as soon as it was over and I picked her up and cuddled her, she was done. And as soon as she discovered the sticker she was given, she was happy. She is 32 1/2 inches tall, and 23 pounds, 2 ounces. She's in the 75% for her height, and 50% for her weight. She looks so chubby to me, I was surprised it wasn't the other way around. She is wearing size 24 month and some 2T clothes! Seriously. I can't believe it. Some days I just look at her and think, where did my little baby girl go? Who is this big toddler walking around? She has a few words she says now. When she sees a cat, she says kitty. Why she sees a dog, she says...kitty. She says no all the time. Mommy, Daddy, ball, More (actually, Mo - but accompanied with the sign for it, I know what she's saying), thank you (tane-two), among a few others. She still does not call Steven anything. I've been trying to get her to say Steven for months. I don't think she likes him. She's really good at her sign language, now. I haven't really taught her any more than what I need her to know - I want her to want to learn the words and not just sign everything. But she does sign more, eat, milk, all done. Steve was feeding her tonight and asked if she wanted more - she said no and shook her head, while signing more. We guessed she only mean the signing - no is her answer to EVERY question. She opened the fridge today, to get her own milk cup out. I couldn't believe it. Where the heck has the last year gone?

Steven is, as always, entertaining. He quotes Cars all the time. Randomly. So, so randomly. It's kind of strange. He's in the bath tonight and all of a sudden he yells out, "I'm not coming in behind you again, old man!" Yesterday, in the car, I had to scold him, "If you yell 'ONE CHAMPION!!' one more time, you are going to be in trouble!" He just kept yelling it over and over. Our bedtime routine consists of cuddling, prayer and a song. Lately he's been requesting "the Cars song." I have no idea what that is. Then he gets mad at me for not knowing it. But he doesn't know it, either when I ask him to teach it to me. We really have to watch what we say around him, right now. I always complain that I HATE our sliding glass back door. It is really hard to open and close and I just HATE that thing. The other day, Steven woke me up from my nap asking, "Mommy, can you open the door that you hate for me?" He's been really into typing, lately. I have a really cute video of him typing his name. But it won't upload. He leans over the keyboard, says, "where is the S...?" Then thows his fist up in victory when he finds it. Then does the same for each leter...so cute. Maybe I'll get it figured out another time.

There's still 9 minutes left in the 4th but I think I'm going to go lay down. Steve was off work today and is again tomorrow. Woo-hoo! I get to sleep in late when he's home. It is wonderful. I feel like I just cannot get enough sleep, lately.

And now you're all caught up!

January 5, 2009

This May Take a While...

Okay, I'm sorry. This is a VERY long post. But I just feel like I have a lot to write about. I have a lot to share and it feels great to put it all out there! So, make sure you have plenty of time to spare, and catch up on my life!

Here is a slide show of our Christmas and New Year's pictures. If you want to know about our Griswald family Christmas Eve (also known as the Christmas Eve from Hell), then note the pictures of my husband slopping raw sewage water our of our basement. And let's just say, if you have a Nintendo Wii, you should ALWAYS use the remote strap when playing infront of 42" LCD HD TVs. It was a day that just wouldn't end. But other than that one day, the rest of our Christmas and New Year celebration week was wonderful. Nothing beats a house full of family, good food, Uno, and ImaginIff (a really fun family board game Steve got for Christmas).

My favorite things about the last few weeks:

1. Watching my children see their gifts on Christmas morning

2. Spending a few weeks with my sister, Cara. She was so helpful with the kids and the housework and she is always so fun to have around.

3. Watching hours and hours and hours of The Office on DVD

4. Shopping for maternity clothes with the JCPenny gift card from my dad-in-law on the day after Christmas when all the maternity clothes were marked 50% off!

5. Leaving the chaos that was our home on Christmas Eve to go to the spa with Cara for Swedish massages and pedicures. We need to get each other that gift every year!

6. Having my sis-in-law, Michelle and nephews, Matt and Mason out here. I hope Michelle go to relax and get her mind of things a little bit while she was here.

7. Going up to Abilene this last weekend to see my dad-in-law's new house. It's a really nice house and the way he set things up kept Steve and very entertained. We opened the kitchen pantry to find food, right? Nope. Coolers. Like 5 of them. Under the kitchen sink? Garbage bags, bleach...and a car battery. In the garage, motorcycle, jet ski...and a couch. There was not one, but TWO microwaves on the kitchen counter. Steve and I picked on him so much - but only because we love him :-)

Steve went back to work today...sort of. He got home at noon. But he graduates at the end of this month and the next few weeks may be pretty much like that. He said there's not much to do in these last few weeks so he'll probably be home a lot. I'm looking forward to it. After he graduates, he'll be gone for about a month so I'm going to make sure and enjoy every minute he's home this month. He got his Rip (or Ripp...I'm not sure if it's an acronym or what) today. It's kind of a schedule of things to come. When his orders come in (orders are the official documents that say "this is where you're going and this is when you have to report there"), then we can really get the ball rolling as far as setting up housing and making actual moving plans. But the next few months are going to go something like this:

1. January 30 - Steve graduates from Nav school (woo-hoo!)

2. February 6 - Steve goes to Emergency Parachute Training (sounds kind of fun, right?)

3. February 9 - Steve starts SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) training (Sounds not-so-fun)

4. March 3 - Steve starts Water Survival School

5. March 5 or 6 - Steve comes home (He'll be gone for about a month)

6. March 17 - Steve's report date to Little Rock AFB, Little Rock, Arkansas. We will go with him, here and live there for about 5 months.

7. Some time around July 6 - have a baby!

8.. August 20 - Steve's projected graduation date from training in Little Rock

9. Sometime in late August - Move to Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas

So, needless to say, the next year will be pretty crazy. Here are my hopes and prayers for 2009

1. Have a healthy pregnancy resulting in a happy, strong and healthy baby.

2. To have happy, healthy, well-adjusted children through all this chaos

3. Have smooth, stress-free (or at least low-stress) moves from Randolph - Little Rock - Dyess

4. That we can get into a base house on Dyess when we get there, and not have to rent or buy off base

5. That we can get a place on base while in Little Rock and not have to rent off base

6. That we can find churches in both Little Rock and Abilene soon after moving there

I've been doing some "research" on Little Rock, lately. For some reason I have this picture of Arkansas in my mind and it looks something like this:

And the thought of living amidst this....scares me. And the thought of having a baby that will, for the rest of his life, say he was born in Arkansas scares Steve. He keeps talking about driving me back to the border of Texas when I go into labor. Anyway, my research hasn't come up with much. The most remotely interesting thing I can find Little Rock claiming to have is some kind of Bill Clinton museum. Hopefully, I'll come across something good, soon. I did find that the typical summer weather is a little cooler than it is here, which I'll appreciate in those last months of pregnancy in the dead of summer.

Speaking of pregnancy, today is the first day of my second trimester! Woo-hoo! I know that isn't really that far, but this pregnancy seems to be going so much faster than my first two did. I can't believe I'm already 1/3 of the way done. I feel like, with the first two, we waited until we were completely READY to have a baby before trying to get pregnant - so then, by the time I was pregnant, I just wanted it to go by quickly because I was so ready to have a baby. This time, I don't feel AT ALL ready for this baby and for the first time, I'm glad that I have a whole nine months to prepare myself for having a third child. But, I don't have nine months anymore! I have 26 weeks. And that doesn't seem like a lot. But I'm really excited and I'm glad things are going so smoothly so far. We hope to find out the sex in about a month. Steve and I both "know" it's a boy. Steve says that I'm acting the same way I did when I was pregnant with Steven. We'll be in for a big surprise if it's a girl, that's for sure!

Okay, I think I've talked about just about everything, now. I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2009 and now you're all caught up!

January 1, 2009

No update, yet...

So, I am sick. I think I may have Strep-throat. I've been sick for about 3 days and I'm going to try to get in to the clinic tomorrow. So, I'm not going to update you on our Christmas yet, because that would involve sitting up and that hurts my head too much. Steve and I went on a "date" today because it's my sister's last day here and she can watch the kids. I had soup at Applebee's and we saw Marley and Me, which was great, but I was miserable during because sitting up hurts my head and neck so much. Plus, it made me cry so that hurt my head even more.
My sister, Cara has put some pictures up from the last few weeks on her blog, HERE. There's also a few videos. One is super short and is of Steve holding a bird wrapped in his jacket that he caught in the house on Christmas Eve. Maybe some day I'll fill you all in on The Christmas Eve from Hell. Our Christmas was wonderful, though. And we're all safe and mostly healthy so all in all, everything is good. When I'm feeling better, I will update more!