December 22, 2008


Baby Koper #3:

I got to see him bouncing and wiggling around like crazy, this morning. He is certainly active! Everything looks great and he is growing right on schedule. It was really nice to see my little sweety in there!

He's not the only one growing. I'm growing pretty quickly, right along with Baby.

Here I was 4 weeks ago, at 8 weeks:

And here I am today, at 12 weeks:

I am still not in maternity clothes but it is FOR SURE time to start. My pants are VERY uncomfortable. The problem is that I have never been pregnant in the winter before. Both my kids were Fall babies so all my maternity clothes are shorts, tank-tops, light t-shirts, skirts and sun dresses. The high today was 40* and none of those clothes would quite cut it. The plan is to go buy clothes after Christmas. I just need a few pairs of jeans/pants and some long sleeve shirts and sweaters to get me through to the warmer weather!

In non-pregnancy-related news, we have a full house! There are 8 of us staying in our house, now. My sister Cara, my sis-in-law Michelle and nephews Matt and Mason are all here and it is SO nice to have a house full of family. I've been able to take a nap EVERY SINGLE DAY! It's been great! The activity of the week has been playing Wii sports, which is what is happening right now. I hope the celebration of our Savior's birth is a wonderful time for you and your families! Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2008

Pre-Christmas Fun

Last Saturday, Steve's squadron had a big Christmas party for all the kids. Steve was out of town, but my good friend, Tara (who's husband was also gone) took Steven, Gabby and her sweet son, LaRue. I grew up going to my dad's squadron Christmas parties every year and they always work the same way: games, treats, crafts, Santa with gifts for each child that the parents brought. Steven was THRILLED to see Santa. Gabby and LaRue, not so much.

Yesterday, was the Christmas version of our weekly Toddler Story Time at the base library. All the kids wore their pajamas and the story was The Polar Express. They got treats, wrote letters to Santa and colored pictures. Steven was not so well behaved and had to be scolded a few times but eventually he cheered up. I did not take our camera but the organiser was taking pictures and sent these to us.

This is during the story - Steven is fussing and I am scolding him. Great picture.

Here we are doing our craft with Tara and LaRue. Steven and I are writing a letter to Santa, Gabby is sitting on her coloring, and LaRue is chewing on a bottle of glue. Classic craft time.

Last night, while I made dinner, this is what my kids were doing. I had to stop and record them. I love Gabby's arm-movements. It is so funny. Sorry the video is so dark and excuse the long shot of my lap at the end where I clearly don't know what I'm doing...

My sister, Cara is sitting beside me on the couch right now playing games with Steven as Gabby naps. It is so nice to have her here with us. My sister-in-law, Michelle and our nephews Matthew and Mason will arrive on Saturday and my father-in-law is coming down on Wednesday.
Monday is my first ob/gyn appointment so I will probably post some ultrasound pictures of our little baby in a few days! :-)

December 10, 2008

A Third First

For the first time, this pregnancy, a stranger looked at my bump today and asked me how far along I am. I'm not even in maternity clothes...I could just be fat but she assumed...maybe because I was ordering food from her...enough food to feed a small army...some of it was for Steve but she didn't know that. Then of course when I told her I'm only 2 months, she was shocked and said she thought I was at least 3 or 4. I knew that was coming. Ugh. Self esteem gone right out the window with my we go again...

December 9, 2008

My Beautiful Tree....As Promised

Last year, I vowed to have a post with this title...and it is true. Our Christmas tree is beautiful this year (I think that EVERY year...except last year, of course)! Here are some pictures of our Christmas house.

Steven emptied his piggy bank the other night, and Steve counted it. He had over a hundred bucks in there! We couldn't believe it! Here he is with all his cash!

I've decided that preparing for a big family Christmas, taking care of two toddlers and a household and being in the first trimester of pregnancy is really taxing. I am too tired to do ANYTHING some days. I am just SO exhausted. And some days, I just feel too nauseated to do much. Every day, I feel like I fall more and more behind on my ever-growing list of to-dos. I have baking to do, presents to buy, wrap and mail, cards to send out, on top of laundry for 4, dishes, dinner, cleaning, trying to work out each day....I am so tired. I should be doing A LOT of things right now, but I'm going to sit here and blog for a while, instead. But when I think of all I HAVE got done, I realize I'm getting there! Almost all my shopping is done. One of the last things, that has been on back order, came in today so I will go pick it up this afternoon. I also have to get a few more little things for the kids. But I'm pretty much done. My Christmas cards are purchased, the pictures to go in them are taken and printed, and they are all in a pile with my address book and stamps, ready for me to sit down and just do them. This weekend, I made 3 batches of peanut butter balls, and froze them, and baked 4 dozen Christmas cookies, and frosted them, made a second batch of cookie dough, to bake later. I figure that the rest of the baking and cleaning can wait until my sister, Cara gets here in a few weeks. I know she'll be a great help with that kind of stuff...right, Cara?

Steven and I baking on Sunday afternoon

I don't have a double-boiler for melting the chocolate for peanut butter balls, but I made one and Steve thought it was really funny. It's a glass bowl clipped to the edge of a pan of water. It worked great!

Sunday night, at about 9pm (when I wanted to be in bed), I remember that MOPS was in the morning and I was signed up to bring a fruit salad for our brunch. So I made the salad, Steve packed the kids' lunches for MOPS, and I made 4 plates of decorated Christmas cookies and peanut butter balls with thank-you notes attached to give the the kids' MOPPETTS teachers, since this is our last meeting before Christmas. I was up until about 11, decorating the cookies, making the rest of the peanut butter balls, and preparing for the morning. I was SO tired when we finally went to bed. No sooner did we lay down, than Steven came in and informed us that he did not feel well, then he thew up on our bed and the floor of our room. I (trying very hard not to throw up, myself) cleaned up the vomit and started a load of laundry while Steve got Steven all cleaned up. So, not only was my poor boy sick, but now we were not going to MOPS in the morning, and my hours of work were pointless. UGH! Steven woke up completely fine in the morning, wanted to eat, ran around like a crazy man, and he never had any other symptoms, even Sunday night, no fever, nothing. Very weird.

In pregnancy-related news, I am 10 weeks along, I definitly have a little baby-bump already, and can still fit into my size 6s but they're getting a little snug. I wore some 7s the other day but they were falling down. So I'm at that annoying "between sizes" stage. I think I need to go get one of those belly bands so I can just be more comfortable. Also, I have my first appointment made for the 22nd of this month. I'll be 12 weeks. I know, I know. At 12 weeks, I should be going to my SECOND appointment, but....I have no excuse. I've been putting it off. I have this thing about military doctors. I just don't like them. But I need to just get over it. One good thing about waiting so long, though is that by then, we'll have tons of family here so I don't have to drag Steven and Gabby with me. We'll have built-in baby sitters! I am excited to go to the doctor and be able to see the baby in an ultrasound. Oh, and if you ask Steven the name of the baby in my belly, he'll tell you it's Grape Bear-y, or Grape Barry, or Grape Berry. I'm not sure wich kind of Berry he means.

December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Update

Our Thanksgiving week was pretty busy, so today is the first chance I've had to blog about it....a week later! The day before Thanksgiving, my sister, Cara and my mom and dad flew in from Florida in the morning. We spent Wednesday hanging out together at our house. It was the first time that my parents were meeting Gabby and I was nervous about her warming up to them. But that was just silly because both of my kids took to my parents so quickly. It was wonderful to see. My parents, of course, spoiled my kids rotten, and my kids loved every minute of it. Wednesday, we prepped a few food items for our Thanksgiving dinner, including pies, which was torture for my poor husband to have to see and smell and not be allowed to eat until the next day.
Thanksgiving morning, we all got up and went out to a park in the city where the San Antonio Runners Association was hosting their annual Turkey Trot. It was a four-mile run through a beautiful park. My parents both enjoy jogging and took off pretty quickly. Steve's the fastest runner of the 5 of us. I jog a little, but not very far, and Cara was upset to be missing the parade (by the way, check out Cara's blog if you get a chance, it's usually pretty funny!). So Mom and Dad took off pretty quickly, with Grampy pushing the stroller, Cara and I jogged together and Steve fluttered around. He jogged with us at first, then caught up to my dad, and ran with him for a while, then left him to go up ahead and find my mom and run with her, then ran back to Cara and I and jogged with us again. He definitely did more than four miles. Cara and I decided we would take a break during mile 3, so that's what we did. We jogged miles 1 and 2, walked 3, and jogged 4. Cara was excited that many people made comments on her outfit while we were out there. In her orange shorts and thigh-high pink striped socks, I guess that was her goal. She's so cute. We all took our cameras out there but completely forgot to get any pictures. What a bummer.
We then stopped at Walmart on the way home because I had forgotten to get something for our dinner (and Walmart was the only grocery store open on Thanksgiving day). But of course, we were all starving after our race when we got there and ended up making a McDonald's pit stop in Walmart. Steven said he wanted a cheeseburger, which he did not eat, so we gave it to Gabby. One of the funniest things I've every seen, is my 13-month-old daughter, eating a cheeseburger like someone was going to steal it if she didn't hurry. Again, no pictures.
Once at home, we got cleaned up and started on our Thanksgiving feast. My sister was a huge help in the kitchen. She chopped and peeled and mixed and helped with every single dish. My mom was also great because she kept the dishes clean so we could keep reusing mixing bowls and not have a huge mess when we were done. I brined and roasted my first turkey, we made mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole, pineapple casserole, yeast rolls, and my dad made the's his specialty. We had 2 pumpkin pies and a brownie trifle for dessert. While we cooked, Steven, Steve and Grampy watched Cars and Gabby napped. It was such a fun afternoon spent in my kitchen.

Steven and Grammy slicing green beans

Working hard...

My first Thanksgiving Turkey

Cara and me with our spread

Our family dinner

Mom, Cara and I spent Friday Black Friday Christmas shopping. It wasn't as crowded or crazy as I thought it would be. But we were not up at 4am or anything. We went out around 9am and got in a good 8-hour shopping day. We got some really good deals and had fun together. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and just spending time together, seeing Santa at the mall and putting up the Christmas tree. Cara left on Sunday, and my parents just left yesterday morning. It was a great week. Here are some pictures from the week.

Steven, Gabby, Grammy and Grampy at the park

Gabby feeding Grampy

Grammy and Steven making cookies

Aunt Cara and Gabby in line to see Santa at the mall

Steven was SO excited to see Santa. Gabby...not so much

But nothing cures and upset 1-year-old like a bite of her brother's cookie

Decorating the tree

Gabby wearing one of Steven's Elmo slippers, and his Christmas stocking

Grammy and Gabby, Grampy and Steven, watching as Santa drove by in a fire truck at the base Christmas Tree lighting.

So, my first Thanksgiving meal was a success and I will soon post about "My Beautiful Tree" as promised last year. Read THIS post, from last year if you don't know what I'm talking about.