November 1, 2008

WARNING: This post contains an INSANE number of pictures of my children. They are EXTREMELY cute. You've been warned :-)

I just wanted to share this. I think it is so cute. Gabby LOVES dogs and cats. When we're at the park and someone has a dog there, she can no longer play, but must waddle after the dog until she gets the courage to go pet it (with Mommy at her side, of course). This is video of her chasing the neighbor's cat. We know the cat, Auto is a VERY sweet cat, that doesn't care that she wants to lay on him, pet him kind of roughly and grab his fur. She LOVES this cat. But I love how she chases him with her hands out in the 'grabbing' motion, and squealing at him. It really sounds like she says, "Kitty" and "Come Here." It really does. Also, notice how in the beginning of the video, she has 2 pigtails, then at the end, only one....the story of my life.

Here's where I found the hair tie, after reviewing the video. Still rolled up, stuck to the tree.

Friday afternoon, the kids and I carved our pumpkin, whom Steven named Frank... actually Fank, but I knew what he meant. Gabby couldn't have cared less about the pumpkin. She just liked the aprons. She was wearing Steven's like a cape at one point. Then she played in the dirt. It's what she does. We had lunch outside after carving Frank.

Steven pulled out about 3 seeds, then decided it was too messy...

...while his sister rolled around in the dirt.

After lunch, I stripped her to take her inside, then she decided she was still hungry

Here is the sequence of pictures I took TRYING to get one of the kids smiling with Frank:

Steven, look at the camera!!

Gabby, put your hand down and look happy!

Gabby, put that down! Steven! Look at Mommy!

Oh, forget it. I give up.

Friday evening we took the kid's trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Steven loved it. He said, "Trick-or-Treat" at every door....actually, "Tick-or-Teet" but whatever. Gabby got tuckered out pretty quickly. When we got home, we sat on the porch and ate candy (it was awesome!), then we put most of the kids' candy into our big candy bowl and handed it back out at our door. It was a fun night.

Time to eat candy on the porch

And this is what happened when we turned our backs on Gabby. She laid down on Steven's tool belt and chewed her way through a lollipop wrapper.

Today, we went to Home Depot to do the Kid's Project they do every month. Steven made a leaf press. Then, we went out to Lackland AFB to watch the Air Show. It was really cool to watch. The Blue Angles preformed. They were amazing. They make me more nervous than anything else, though. I was praying for the pilots for the whole first half. They fly so close together and so fast. We saw an F-22 Raptor demonstration which was absolutely insane. That plane defies the laws of ....everything. It was a LONG day, though. It was so hot on the flight line. There was no shade from the sun and the temperature wasn't that high so Gabby and I were in jeans, but the sun was just beating down on us all day and we were roasted! At one point, the kids and I went and sat under a plane just to be in the shade for a while. Both kids did fall asleep during the Blue Angels' performance, which is amazing because they are so loud. It was an exhausting day but it was really fun. We got home around 5pm, the kids and I all showered/bathed and got in our PJs right away. Steve drove downtown to pick up our nephew, Matt who was in town on a school ROTC trip and had some free time this evening. So, he spent a few hours here with us. It was so nice to see him. He's 14 and I swear he's taller every time we see him.

Making our Leaf Press at the Depot

AETC planes. This is the division that Steve is in right now. The big white plane in the center of the formation (T-43) is the plane he does his training on. Steven calls all big, white planes "Daddy's Plane" because of this one. The two on either side of the T-43 are T-38s, the ones that take off and land about 150 yards from our house all day...every day...very loudly...ugh

Okay, this pictures needs to be explained. The F-22 was about to do it's demonstration. Steve was beyond excited. He was giddy. Then this beige-shirt kid slowly inched his way to standing RIGHT IN FRONT of Steve. So Steve just stood there, breathing down his neck. He was so irritated. It was kind of I took a picture.

Me and the kids in the shade. I tried to get Gabby to go to sleep. She was so tired and grumpy.

Finally, I laid the back of the stroller down and she fell asleep in it.

And Steven slept in the front.

So, here I sit at 9:30pm, feeling like I could pass out at any minute. I am SO tired. What a day. I should go to bed soon. Steve's out driving Matt back to his hotel, so I want to at least wait till he's safely home before I hit the pillow. I'm just babbling now....I'll stop. But now you're all caught up!


Shaunna said...

Your kids are pretty stinkin' cute!!

And you can NEVER have too many pictures...Says the woman with over 400 pictures of her 5 month old!! lol!!

Michelle said...

The video clip of Gabby & the kitty is soooo cute. It does sound like she is saying come'ere kitty. She is just absolutely adorable.

Well you all definitely had a busy day, and I Thank-You for not being to tired to have Matt come for a visit.

Also I had a big laugh reading your post of Steve breathing down the kids neck for being in the way. I can just imagine Steven doing that.

Love you guys!

Cara Joy said...

Steven's hair is getting so long from what i saw in the "Fank" pictures! That pumpkin was so cute and me and mom got a kick out of fat dorothy.