November 20, 2008

Update with Dots

  • Steve's DROP is TOMORROW! Oh, my goodness, we just can't wait! I am so excited to know that tomorrow evening, we will find out where we'll be heading next. We still won't have an exact time-line on when we'll move or anything, but at least we'll know where! I don't know if I've mentioned that the theme of the drop party is "Ugliest Christmas Sweaters." The person who is deemed to have the UGLIEST Christmas sweater "wins" the opportunity to have their aircraft and base announced first. We're hopeful that Steve's Christmas monstrosity takes the cake. We hit up a few Goodwills, which we found to be a resting place for all things hideous. At one point, we had narrowed it down to three sweaters and couldn't decide which was worse. I'll be sure to post pictures of him in his "outfit." (I complimented Steven on his outfit the other day, after he dressed himself very well, and he informed me that boys do not have "outfits," only girls do!)

  • I am pretty nauseated these days. It stinks. I never had nausea with Gabby. I had it pretty bad with Steven. I don't think it's quite as bad this time but it's no fun.

  • I am making my very fist Thanksgiving dinner next week. Actually, the first Thanksgiving that Steve and I were married, we lived in Phoenix and were alone for Thanksgiving, and I "cooked" but I wouldn't qualify it as a Thanksgiving dinner. I wasn't much of a cook that first year, or so. Anyway, this year my parents and my sister, Cara will be here spending the week with us and I am cooking a real, traditional dinner. I'm pretty excited about it. I got a bunch of yummy recipes from I'm going to brine my turkey, which is pretty much like marinating it in an ice-water marinade. I started grocery shopping yesterday, and have some more to do this afternoon. There are a few things I want to prep ahead of time, to make the day a little easier.

  • Today, I registered us for the San Antonio Turkey Trot 4-miler. Yep. At 9am on Thanksgiving Day, we will be running 4 miles. When, I say "running," I mean....not running. I'm sure Steve will run it and I know my mom plans to run it, but I'm pretty sure my dad, Cara and I will be walking (with maybe a little jogging if we're feeling motivated) with the jogging stroller. But I have been jogging a few times a week, lately. If you can call it that. It's pretty slow, but I have been going at least 3 or 4 times a week for the last few weeks. I recently read Dr. Clapp's 'Exercising Through Your Pregnancy' and it motivated me to become more active. He was the first, and still one of the only obstetricians to do in-depth research on the effects of exercise on pregnancy. The conclusion of the research, was pretty much: the more active you are, the healthier you and your baby will be, and the shorter and easier your labor will be. He recommends weight-bearing exercise like running or aerobics, as well as weight lifting. I have no plans on taking up weight-lifting any time soon but I did start jogging and on nights that I don't jog, I do some aerobics.

  • My mom,Cara and I are planning on Black Friday shopping. Ahhhhhh! Actually, I'm looking forward to it. We have some pretty good shopping close to us, here so I'm hoping to find some REALLY good deals. I've already been scoping out all the sales on THIS website, and planning my purchases.

  • And no good post can end without pictures of my kids, so here you go:

Steven was sporting Steve's sweat band (eww!) and Gabby was having a crazy-hair day

We went out looking for bunk-beds for the kids (hoping to get them in one before #3 comes). The kids LOVED climbing the ladders (as you can see) and make sure you spot BOTH kids in this one!

Here is Gabby and me in our favorite weekend past-time. This is how we spend our Saturday afternoons :-)

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Shaunna said...

Can't wait to see those UGLY Christmas sweaters- Sounds like it will be a fun night! I'm keeping my fingers crossed...I sure hope you guys are getting to move to Abilene!

I bet you'll make an amazing Thanksgiving feast- You're such a good little "Suzie Homemaker." Be sure to take pictures!

Way to go on the Turkey Trot and the jogging!! I walked (at a pretty good pace for at least 2 miles) EVERY SINGLE day during my pregnancy. I had a very easy pregnancy and a super easy delivery. Don't know if it was the walking or not, but I like to think it helped! I will for sure do it again when/if I am ever pregnant again. (Too bad I can't get motivated to do any kind of walking or working out these days...It's kinda sad when you work out more while you're pregnant than when you're not pregnant!)

Hope the nausea gets better- Yuck! Not fun!!