November 25, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday

Since Thanksgiving is 2 days away, I think I'll be festive with my top 10, today. How about top 10 things I am thankful for:

1. A God who answers prayers; prayers for strength through rough mornings, prayers for safety and health for my children, prayers for forgiveness and grace.
2. My wonderful, loving, funny, sweet, strong, handsome husband. (I know, gag)
3. My beautiful, smart, silly, talkative, curious Steven
4. My sweet, funny, tender-hearted Gabby
5. My unborn miracle so full of possibilities and wonder
6. A safe, cozy house where we can crank the heat up high as the temperatures outside dip down into the (gasp!) 50s!
7. Chocolate Milk
8. That my Dad, Mom, and sister, Cara will be here in the morning to spend a wonderful week with us.
9. My bed, it may just be a mattress and box spring on the floor, but it is the most comfortable place I've ever known
10. Peanut butter


Michelle said...

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoying your family get together!!

Love you guys!!

Shaunna said...

Just checking in on you- I've been missing your posts!

How was Thanksgiving? How are you feeling??

Hope all is well!!