November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday

Here are all the things I most certainly did not do this week:

I did not spend $215 at the grocery store today. My kitchen did not look like this after bringing it all in. That's way too much food for a family of 4. My husband is not going to freak out when he sees how much I spent :-/

I did not put only the cold things away, leave the rest there, sit down with a Luna bar and start blogging. That would be lazy.

I did not let Gabby fall asleep in her playpen looking very uncomfortable.

I am not 5 weeks pregnant....after going off my pill 5 weeks ago. That would be crazy and really fast. That would not completely surprise me...and that is probably not why I'm craving pancakes and bacon (as a recent post revealed).

I did not stock up on pancake mix, blueberries, syrup and bacon at the grocery store today.

I did not go off the pill for the sole reason that it was making me break out. That is not very responsible.

I am not going to have 3 children under the age of four in July. That would be crazy.

That does not scare me a little. Okay, it should. It is scary!!

My sweet husband is not completely excited about a 3rd baby (and neither am I). I did not find him on a baby-name website already. I don't think that is the sweetest thing ever.

I did not spend my grocery shopping trip thinking, "How on earth will I do this next year with 3 kids? I'm stressed out shopping with 2!"

I did not open a box of Gerber Veggie Crackers and let Gabby eat half of it as we shopped.

I did not let Gabby drink my Coke to get her to stop screaming while we were in line for 20 minutes. That would make me a really bad mom. I wouldn't let a 13-month-old drink Coke. And I definitely didn't get judgmental looks from all the older ladies around me in line. No, that never happens.

My kids are not waking up at 6:30 am since the time-change.

I did not get up and go for a bike ride at 8am, then take the kids to a MOPS play date, which I did not forget to take my camera to, then spend 2 hours grocery shopping. I am not ready to pass out at 3pm.

My son did not point out every item in the grocery store and inform me that they all cost "two dorrars" (two dollars). That isn't the cutest thing ever.

I was not completely embarrassed by Steven talking repeatedly (and very loudly) about how he has two dads in the commissary. I did not tell him that he is no longer "allowed" to pretend to have two dads. I did not feel like people were looking at me, thinking I was some kind of hussy. That would be silly and why should I care what people think? I don't.

So, that's my Not Me Monday for the week!


Kami said...

Yay!! Congratulations! That is awesome! We just found out ours is a girl - we are excited! :)

* Tyly * said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! How exciting!!!!!

So are you assuming, or have you already been to a doctor?

I'm so excited for you guys!!!!!!


Shaunna said...

OH MY GOODNESS LEAH!!! I'm freaking out!

I can't believe you snuck in the fact that your pregnant into your Not Me Monday post!!

Oh, I am so happy for you guys!! Aww...Babies are the best! Hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy!

Have you gone to the doctor yet or just taken a home test?

Yay! Yay! YAY!!!!!!

Too bad the Longhorns messed up the possibility of a Colt Koper;)

Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, Addi woke up at 5 this morning! Stupid time chage!!

Laura said...

what???!! i kept looking back at old posts thinking i had missed something because there's no way you'd announce it in your not me monday!!!

either way---congrats! psalm 127:4-5 ;)

Laura said...

what???!! i kept looking back at old posts thinking i had missed something because there's no way you'd announce it in your not me monday!!!

either way---congrats! psalm 127:4-5 ;)

Cara Joy said...

So when I read the post about you being obsessed with pancakes, I thought, "sounds like she's pregnant". but then I thought..."no, leah just likes good food." Nope. She just likes good babies. I can't believe the first things I'm saying to you about my upcoming "neicephew" is over a blog post. ;(

Michelle said...

Funny post, especially of lil' Steven and his 2 dads!!!

Love you guys!

marnmic said...

I started to comment after the pancake craving blog...are you pregnant...but didn't. I'm excited for you guys! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

First, I have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. It truly is a highling of the day :-) I love seeing the kids and hearing the same humor I did when you were younger. I am so excited for you and Steven and the rest of the family. Children are a blessing from the Lord and blessed we all are by getting to see your life through the blog. I love you all!!

Aunt Sheila

Shaunna said...

Explanation of the names:

Nee-Nee is what Whitney used to call herself when she was little. She called me "Naunna-Naunna" (ShAUNNA)and herself "Nee-Nee."

My parents (mostly my mom) wanted names that didn't make them feel "old" AKA: Grandma, Granny, Grandpa, ect...Mom said she wansn't old enough to be a "Granny" hehe:)

Nana JoJo-When my mom was little her friends used to call her JoJo...And all my cousins call her Aunt JoJo...Thus came "Nana JoJo"

Bruiser-When my dad played football in high school, the guys nick named him Bruiser...Some of the guys at his work still call him Bruiser, thus came then name Bruiser....

Blake's brothers & sister have names...They were named long before Addi came along (I think Blake's dad called them these names when they were little) I don't know if Addi will call them by these names...Blake tends to think all these strange names on both sides of the family are ridiculous! He always says, "Why can't Addi just call Whitney, Whitney?!

Who knows if Addi will even use any of these names?! Guess we'll just have to wait and see;)

sue anne marsh said...

Two dads huh Leah? what have you not shared with me? Daddy and I laughed as we read this blog, reminded me of taking my three babies to the commissary, but you were 6, Holly 3, and boo newborn. I love you and you are such a talented writer. as for Steven's adorable description on prices How I wish everything cost 2 dollars. :)