October 13, 2008

Not Me Monday

Here's my Not Me Monday from McMama's blog carnival on her My Charming Kids blog(on my link list as "Pray for Stellan"). It won't be nearly as interesting as my last one, since I don't really remember much of the last week, but here goes:

I did not cheat at Candy Land today.

I did not get lost on my way home today, like 2 miles from home. I've lived here nine months AND I have a GPS in the car, I would have to be TRYING to get lost.

I did not leave left over dinner sitting out on the stove all evening...it is not still sitting there at 9:30pm.

I did not let Steven eat a bunch of raw cookie dough when we were baking today.

I did not eat McDonald's two days in a row this weekend. That's gross (I love you, Big Mac)

I did not cry 4 times watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last night.

I was not 15 minutes late to Sunday school yesterday, and walk in thinking "Wow, this is the earliest I've been in a LONG time!" No, I am very punctual.

I did not spend two days and go looking at about 5 different stores, for a pink and green dress for Gabby this week because I wanted her outfit to match her decorations on her birthday. That's kind of over the top and silly.

I did not brush Gabby's teeth the other night and notice 2 teeth that had come all the way through the gum without me even noticing. I pay just as much attention to her as I did to my first baby...

I did not let the kids play outside today, then realize they had been "playing" in a pile of ashes from the grill. Gabby did not have grey hair and ashes caked onto her scalp. I did not have to wash her hair twice. She was not really mad at me for cleaning her. She does not enjoy being dirty.

I do not make up songs to sing to the kids all day long. That would be kind of wierd. They are not usually to the tune of Frere Jacques; like "Who is poopy? Who is poopy? Gabrielle. Gabrielle. Gabrielle is poopy, Gabrielle is poopy. Let's change you, let's change you." I don't think I'd admit that, if I did!

So, there is everything I did not do this week, from what I can remember. Seriously, I remember Gabby's birthday on Tuesday and I remember yesterday and I remember going to the park one night. That's it. I remember nothing else of my week. I'm so tired. I am going to go clean up the kitchen (not that there's food or dinner dishes still out or anything) and go to bed. I feel like not matter how hard I try, I cannot catch up on sleep lately. Maybe a nap is in order for tomorrow :-)

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Shaunna said...

I'm the same way when I shop for Addi- It's so much fun looking for the perfect outfit! I can't begin to imagine the shopping/searching that will go on for her 1st Birthday attire:) Shopping for her has become my new hobby...Yeah, I don't think Blake is a big fan of this new hobby!

Hope you get that nap!