October 23, 2008

Halloween Costumes, Cold Weather and Autumn Leaves

Halloween is fast approaching and like all good heathens, we will be taking the kids trick-or-treating. Steven is VERY excited to be dressing up as Handy Manny. If you do not happen to have 3-year-old, you may not know who Handy Manny is. He is an adorable Disney Channel handyman with little talking tools. Here is Steven's costume that I've been working on this week. I'm too cheap to buy one, so I'm making it.

(a reference)

T-shirt ($3 Hobby Lobby shirt)

Felt tool belt with all 7 tools printed on cardboard (and yes, I know all their names)

I still have to make an orange and white hat and then I think he'll be set. Gabby is going to be a UT Cheerleader. She has the cutest little UT dress that Holly and Jr got her when they were visiting over the summer. She'll be a slightly rounder version of your typical cheerleader, but that's okay :-)

Steven and Gabby's Trick-or-Treat bags (made of felt for like $5! Can't beat that!)

Other side of Bags (I made Steven's 2 years ago)


This morning, we went on a long walk. We left the house around 9am, and it was FREEZING outside. I bundled up the kids so much, I felt kind of silly. But we are not used to temperatures under 60*!

Gabby was very mad (as you can see). She did not like wearing a hat...maybe if I got her a less silly one...

This is proof of Autumn! Red leaves! There aren't many of them so I wanted to get a picture while they last. And yes, my children were running around bare-foot outside (this was before it got cold, though).

That's all for now so you're all caught up!


Laura said...

a friend of mine was just telling me her kids LOVE handy manny. never heard of it. guess i'll be becoming more familiar with these things soon. great job on the craftiness!

Shaunna said...

I love their Trick or Treat Bags! Too cute!!

I've been having to bundle Addi up when we take our walks in the mornings too- I feel silly layering her up so much, but you're right, we're just not used to slightly cooler weather in Texas!

Love ya!!

sue anne marsh said...

I love the bags and the t-Shirt is so cute, how did you make the all the tools? I dated a boy name Manny, he was very cute I always thought "what a stupid name" don't tell Steven I said that.:) I hope Steven found Builder and Jimmy at the store, too cute. As for a rounder version of a cherrleader, Gabby is the most perfect cherrleader and UT would be blessed to have her. I love you guys.