August 11, 2008

5 years ago today....

Tonight Steve took me to an Italian restaurant for dinner for my birthday. As we walked to the car, I realized that exactly five years ago today, Steve took me to an Italian restaurant for my birthday. It was our first "date." We were just "hanging out as friends" but had our first kiss the next day. We were married exactly one year after our first kiss. That makes tomorrow our 4th wedding anniversary. Here we are over the last 5 years:

November 2003 - Dating about 3 months

August 12, 2004

December 2005 (the fat year)

June 2006

October 2007 (In all of 2007, not a single picture of just us!)

Two minutes ago


* Tyly * said...

I was at the wedding!!! :o)

Congrats on your years together!!!!

Laura said...

do we have the same anniverary??? 8-12?

Shaunna said...

Hard to believe that first picture was 5 years ago!! (Makes me feel kinda old!)

Happy 4 years to you guys:)

(And yes, you and Laura share the same anniversary- Just 2 years apart!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah~
Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday on August eleggin!! I always loved that! It's funny how times goes by so fast and the things that change in the process. Life is so short hold each moment as the precious gift it is. It seems like yesterday when you, Holly and Ali were running around Grandma and Grandpa Goch's anniversary party and singing like crazy! Oh and remember how much you loved those boots???? Now Holly, Ashley and you are mom's yourself and I am a great Aunt. (well..kinda sorta) I will always hold you and your family close in my heart and know how much I love each of you and the womnn God has created each of you to be. You are such a good mom and I can't help but smile knowing you are so in your element of being a mom and a wife.

Much Love,
Aunt Sheila

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah,

Happy Anniversary!!! Maybe that is why I couldn't get a hold of STeven because you guys are out for your anni as!! Leah I agree with your Aunt Sheila, you (as well as your sisters) are such a wonderful person, and I'm so blessed that my little brother married you!!! May God just overflow all of you with more his blessings!!! I love you guys~Michelle

Anonymous said...

P.S. Steven kinda has that Tim McGraw look going on (1st pic)! =)