May 27, 2008

Conversations with a Two-Year-Old

I've started writing down conversations we have with Steven that are funny - Here are a few from the last few days. For some reason, the best ones seem to be while we're in the car (Steven's words are dark blue; in case you can't tell by reading) .

-In the car, on the way home from Schlitterbaun the other day, Gabby had just stopped fussing:

Gabby's happy now.

Good. I'm glad.

Where's Bob the Builder?

(He says this without missing a beat, as if it has everything to do with Gabby being happy) his house?

NO! He's in the TV!

Oh, right. Is Bob the Builder just pretend?

Yeah, and the eggs are not for to eat.


-A few minutes after the last conversation (still in the car):

A cuck! A cuck! (cuck = truck)

I see the truck.

The truck is sad.


He don't know his mommy is.

(not sure if this means he doesn't know WHERE his mommy is, or WHO his mommy is)

A car! He's sad, too.


He don't know his white race car is.

-Today, in the car:

Uhhhhhh! Aughhhh! The sun is getting in my eyes!

(angry and yelling, now) DOP IT, SUN! (Dop = stop)

Buddy, just cover your eyes and the sun won't get in them.

The sun's NOT gettin' me anymore. He's hiding. He's hiding cause his mommy's comin'.

-Today when going outside:

We can go outside with bare feet real quick, it's okay.

(looking at his feet) We have BEAR FEET!!? (You can just tell what's he's thinking)

He talks ALL DAY LONG. Sometimes I just wish for 5 minutes of quiet, but he definitely makes me laugh often enough.

May 25, 2008

Weedend Update

Steve has taken full advantage of his three day weekend this week. He spends so much time at work and studying, we don't get much family time with him lately. But since he has a whole extra day to study this week, we decided to do something fun as a family. So today we went to Schlitterbahn. We weren't sure how it would be with the kids, but we had a blast. We couldn't really do any of the big slides, but there is so much to do there that we didn't need to. We hit up every lazy river in the park, the wave pools, the kiddie pools, and a few small-scale slides that we could take turns taking Steven down. Steven had so much fun. He ran around in his little life vest and just kept asking for more slides. I put Gabby in a sling and just had her on me in the pools and on the tubes as we floated. She was SO good. This child NEVER sleeps anywhere but her bed - she's very particular; but today she slept while we were in the wave pool, bobbing up and down in a tube - I couldn't believe it. It was so unlike her. And she was so happy all day - just smiled away and loved splashing in the water.

We stayed for about 5 1/2 hours and needless to say, we were all beat by the time we got home. The kids had dinner, baths and an early bedtime and Steve and I are relaxing in front of the Spurs game, now. (Go Spurs....they're starting to really pull away with the lead!) It was such a nice day. I really enjoy every minute we have together with Steve now since he's so busy with training. Tomorrow is a study day for him (which is probably good, since it needs to be a cleaning day for me....this place is a wreck!)

Last weekend, we went on a bike-ride to the park on base. It's about 3 miles away, so it's a nice 6-mile bike ride. We used to walk there, but it's getting so hot that it's nice to just get there quickly on the bikes - although it's still quite a workout. Steve pulled the trailer so it wasn't too hard, it's harder for me to pull it....that this is like having a parachute behind the bike!

In the bike trailer...they love this thing!

Gabby has discovered her love of the playground tunnel. I can't get her out of it when we're out there.

Steven's so sweet, taking his sister down the slide. He feels like such a big boy when he holds her.

May 18, 2008

When you're 40 it's gross, but when you're two it's adorable!

May 15, 2008

Summer is here!

We are ready for the summer! I spent at least 3 hours shopping for new summer clothes for myself, cleaned all the warm clothes out of the kids' closets, bought Steven new swim trunks, looked for a swimsuit for Gabby (but didn't find one), bought a kiddie pool for the backyard, set the sprinkler out for running through, and got the brochure for the base pool, and there are already about 50 mosquito bites on my family.

I'm always excited for the start of summer. I think it's partly just the habit of being happy for summer from when I was a kid and was glad to get out of school. However, I am not looking forward to having to shave my legs every day and not being able to take the kids on a walk in the afternoon for fear of over-cooking them.

I've begun a small list of summer activities for the kids. If you have any ideas, let me know. They must include either being in an air-conditioned building (including home) or being in or around the water to keep cool. Here are my ideas so far:

  • Going to the mall on a weekday morning - when it's empty and Steven can run free - he loves to play on the little 25 cent rides (without turning them on) and in the little carts that you can rent for a buck (without renting them, just sitting in them while they're parked):
  • The Base pool
  • Sprinkler/Kiddie Pool in the backyard
  • Living room picnics
  • Taking Steven to a kid's movie (with a sitter for Gabby)
  • Water balloons (for Steven)
That's all I can think of for now. I hope I can find a whole summer full of activities to keep these kiddo's happy! Steve doesn't get to take any leave while he's in training, so no summer vacation this year.
I'll end with a picture of Gabby's 1st "ponytail." It's the first time she's had anything in her hair besides a headband. I know it looks goofy, but I've been waiting for so long to have a little girl who's hair I can do.

May 12, 2008

I haven't updated my blog in a while and feel like I should, although...I have nothing to update. Gabby and I are healthy, but that's about all that's changed since my last blog. Oh, the life of a stay-at-home-mom. Every day is so alike the day before. There are changes every day but nothing a reader, who doesn't know my children the way I do, would find significant. Such as, Steven finally singing the alphabet song start to finish without skipping or mixing up any letters. That was an exciting moment for me this week. And Gabby crawling to the couch, grabbing onto the edge and pulling herself up to stand. Very exciting. And Steven telling me today (as he's on the potty going poo-poo), "I did this yesterday." Very big. Never before has he seemed to understood the concept of yesterday or tomorrow. These little things that happen as they grow, make every day exciting. Just knowing that at any minute, they will suddenly grasp something I've been trying to teach them for days or suddenly try something new and succeed! Life as a SAHM may seem boring from the outside, but it is the most fulfilling job I could ever imagine having. I am so thankful for such a hard working, loving husband who supports us completely to allow me to stay home with our beautiful children.
Although I have nothing truly interesting to update, I have had an interesting week full of firsts and full of exciting moments within our little family. I'll end with some cute pictures.

Steven, sound asleep after a long day - this kid can fall sleep ANYWHERE

Gabby looks so big when she stands!

p.s. My husband is crazy. He keeps talking about having another baby, like ASAP. He said he even had a dream last night that I was pregnant...what a crazy guy!

May 7, 2008

Germs, germs, germs...

My STUFF place today!

The kids and I spent three hours at the clinic yesterday. Gabby saw the doctor first and was diagnosed with a double ear infection. Poor Baby! I saw the doctor next, and there was no for sure diagnosis. Strep cultures came back negative, so the doctor thinks it's viral. The night before, Gabby and I were up ALL night both running fevers. Hers peaked at 104, and mine at 102. So I got us in first thing in the morning. Thank the Lord, Steve and Steven seem fine. Steven acted sick at the clinic and I was afraid he was coming down with something - but now I'm thinking he saw the attention Gabby got for being sick and decided to get some himself. Thankfully Gabby hasn't run a fever since yesterday morning, and is acting a lot more like herself today, crawling around, getting into everything, smiling and laughing at Steven. I, also, haven't run a fever since yesterday afternoon and my throat doesn't hurt nearly as much as before. Praise the Lord for a fast turn-around!
I feel so helpless when my kids are sick, and it's even worse when I'm sick, too. I'm so glad to have such a loving, helpful husband to take care of us. Today we are in our PJs and have no plans of getting dressed, combing our hair or leaving our house!
Gabby, the speed crawler! She doesn't even look sick - she's such a happy girl!

May 5, 2008

The STUFF Place

In every home we've lived in, there is always one place that collects "STUFF." Mail, keys, cell phones, toys I take from the kids, loose change....just STUFF. No matter how much time I spend picking up and cleaning, THIS place is always messy. I never know what to do with half the STUFF, and even if I get all put away somewhere, it's just a matter of hours before fresh STUFF is piled up. In this house, it's the bar-top between the dining room and kitchen. The basket against the wall was my futile attempt to keep the coutner STUFF-free. The basket fills up so quickly, nothing much ends up going into it. Does anyone else have a STUFF PLACE?

May 4, 2008

A good book

I decided a few months ago after reading several Sophie Kinsella books, (which were so fun to read) that I need to read some classics. Something with deeper plots than shopping addictions and cooking catastrophes. I then went to the base library and promptly picked up Great Expectations, which I never read in high school as most did. I got about half way through and was too bored to go on. I know, I have a horrible attention span. But reading a book isn't what it used to be for me. I can't just pick up and read whenever I want to. I have to wait until there are no children needing to be fed, changed, played with or listened to AND no husband needing attention. So the amount of time I can spend reading in a given day is limited to about an hour, two at most - and rarely is that all at once. So a book REALLY needs to keep me interested at every moment for me to be willing to work to find the time to sit down with it.
Shortly after my Great Expectations attempt, I rented the Anne Hathaway movied, Becoming Jane, which is the story of Jane Austen's life and takes place during the time she was writing Pride and Prejudice. It made me want to try this novel next, along with her others. So going in order through her works, I just finished Sense and Sensibility and next is Pride and Prejudice.

I really enjoyed Sense and Sensibility. Jane Austen descriptions of events in the lives of the young Miss Dashwoods tell of feelings and emotions and deep, inner thoughts so vividly. So many authors focus on describing sights and smells and sounds, but in this book, I knew and understood every feeling that Elinor and Marianne experienced. I loved this book!