April 29, 2008

3 Random Thoughts

# 1: I think I'm getting old
Last night, I was sitting on the bathroom counter talking with Steve while he was in the shower (I take quiet, kid-free time where I can get it) and he looked out at me and said, "you look really young, honey." It made me feel so good. Then, I thought about it more and it made me feel old. When did I become old enough to be flattered by a comment like that? No one tells a 20-year-old, "you look young"....they ARE young. But I'm happy to look young because I'm getting.....old? Ugh. I've started using a makeup with 'retinal to reduce the signs of age.' I figure why not start now. Oh, and I walked into Subway and the kid behind the counter said, "what can I get you, ma'am?" When did this happen?

#2: We ONLY take pictures of the kids
I'm sick to death of looking at the family picture on this blog (over on the right) because it was taken 2 days after I had Gabby and I'm all huge and gross looking in it. So I decided to find a recent picture of the 4 of us tonight, and realized there aren't any. So that's my goal for this week. A picture of the 4 of us that I don't look like a cow in.

#3: I am out of shape
My goal after having Gabby was to lose all my baby weight (from BOTH pregnancies) and get back in the same size jeans I wore when I got married. A few months ago, I accomplished my goal and have been feeling somewhat good about myself. Until.... today, when I rode Steve's bike with the kids in the bike trailer while Steve jogged. He wasn't sprinting, he was just jogging and I was on a bike. Easy, right? I was so out of breath and tired and sweaty by the time we finished. It was embarrassing. I am determined to ride that bike at least 3 times a week now.

April 20, 2008

Spring Sprouts

I planted some bulbs a few months ago and this week they sprouted. Gabby also 'sprouted' her first tooth this weekend!

My bulbs finally spouting! Gabby's tooth is on the bottom (her) left

On Saturday, we had a BBQ at our house. We invited a bunch of people from Steve's flight but were pretty sure only few of them would come, and we invited a few neighbors. We were thinking we might have way too much food because not many people would come, but we ended up having quite the turn-out. It seemed like every time I turned around more people were walking into the yard. It was so much fun. We had about 20 people and kids here. The kids all played together so well. We were surprised that with 5 two-year-olds all together, there were no melt-downs even though it was every one's nap time. This was the first time, since Steve and I have been married that we have hosted any kind of party and we really enjoyed it! Steve made his mom's lumpia recipe (Filipino version of egg rolls....so yummy) and we got to know our neighbors and Steve's flight members all a little better.

An update on my last post: Gabby is doing much better this week. She has been letting Steve hold her more often, as long as she's not tired or hungry. She has also been very happy to play on the floor on her own and not insisted on being held 24/7. She is getting REALLY close to crawling. She gets up in a push-up position, goes from laying down to sitting up on her own, and drags herself by her arms toward any object that catches her eye.

I feel like Steven's vocabulary and level of understanding grow every day. We were out for a walk a few evenings ago and he pointed out the moon, then noticed that moon was 'following' us and said, "the moon is coming on a walk with us!" It was so sweet. He's learned to introduce himself to new people - he says, "Hi, my name is Steven." After which, whoever he's talking to, looks at me to translate, since they can't understand him but it's still sweet, just the same!

Steve's training is starting to get pretty busy. He spends most of his evenings and a lot of time on the weekends studying. He had a big test this morning and I haven't heard from him yet, as to how it went; but I've been praying for him - he was pretty anxious about it. The next few months are definitely going to be tough for him, but it will be worth it.

As for me, not much new to report. I really love our home and the conveniences of living on base. I walk with the stroller everywhere. We walked to post office this morning, walked to the grocery store yesterday, walked the bowling alley a few days ago - it's so nice to be able to walk just about anywhere, plus I'm really saving us a lot of money with the way gas prices are! I've gotten to know a few of my neighbors pretty well and most of them have kids Steven's age; so we get together when our hubbies are busy studying and go on walks together and take the kids to the park....it's nice to have friends so close and with lots in common as we all are wives of trainees and live far from familiar friends and family. We are going to a good church with a great pastor and a good Sunday-school class but it's so big, it's kind of hard to get to know many people closely. But I'm trying to get involved in more play-groups on base and it helps to get out of my house a little more often now!
Now, you're all updated on our lives for a while!

April 11, 2008

I just may lose my mind today

For the last few days, Gabby seems to be going through a phase (at least I hope it's only a phase) that I have never experienced before. It is something Steven never did. She's in a 'clingy' phase. If I leave her line of vision, she screams. If I try to pass her off the Steve, she screams. When I put her down for her nap, she screams. And I decided several times to just let her scream it out, thinking she'd eventually calm down and be content....nope. She screams and screams until I'm afraid she's going to hyperventilate or something. And the minute I come and pick her up, she shuts it off.
We went shopping yesterday for summer clothes at the outlets in San Marcos and she refused to sit in the stroller. She just screamed every time we tried to put her in it - she also screamed if Steve carried her. So for most of the day, I had to hold her. And when I went into a dressing room to try something on and gave her to Steve, he had to leave the store because she screamed so hysterically. I tried to just hold her while trying on clothes but that didn't work either. Today has been more of the same. At least we're just at home so when I need to do something or give poor Steven some real attention, I've just been putting her in her crib to scream. She finally fell asleep almost 3 hours past her nap time - but at least she's getting some sleep. I feel so bad for Steve. I know it just breaks his heart that she so strongly apposes being held by her Daddy. She really won't let him hold her at all. He thinks she hates him - I try to tell him she doesn't but it really looks like she does.....poor guy. I sure hope this phase passes quickly and I have my happy, sweet girl back soon.