March 10, 2008

Baby Days

Almost daily someone stops me just to tell me that my children will grow up fast. I get so used to hearing it from strangers everywhere that I don't even think about it anymore. Today, a man said something about it to me as I was holding Gabby outside the BX and it really made me think. On the 7th, Gabby was 5 months old. 5 MONTHS! It seems like just a few weeks ago, I was waddling around thinking she would never come out. Now she's smiling and laughing and has a personality and has likes and dislikes and sits up and rolls across the room and.....sometimes I feel like I'm missing it. I look back at my day and I think, how much time did I spend washing dishes? How much time did I spend cleaning the floor? How much time did I spend running errands? And how much time did I spend just watching my babies being babies, just watching Gabby laugh at her brother, just watching Steven put his stuffed animals to bed....I mean, I see it all, but do I really sit and watch it and sink it in? Because one day they'll be all grown and will I even remember what Gabby's little baby laugh sounded like? Or how many rolls she had on her legs? Or how Steven pronounced "motorcycle" and "cartoons?" I hope I never take for granted these baby days.


Blake & Shaunna said...

Precious post Leah! Enjoy your babies:)

Blake & Shaunna said...

Question: When you and Steve found out you were having Gabby, were they 100 percent sure it was a girl, or did they give ya'll the
"85-90 percent sure" it's a girl?Just curious!