March 31, 2008

Lots of pictures...and a little update on our lives

Today the kids and I went to our first play-date since moving here. It was nice to let Steven play with some new kids and for me to get to have an adult conversation with someone beside my husband. We went to a MOPS play date with Kelly, who I met at church yesterday. Her MOPS group is full but I hope to be able to join in the fall. It was a nice morning. Steve and I re-arranged the downstairs the other day. I went to my neighbor's house a week or so ago and she had her living room so more open than ours and it inspired me to move things around. But I think it needs some more tweaking. It's a little too open. We have a 'dance floor' (as Steve calls it) in the middle of our house now. It's not working for me.

**As I'm typing right now, Steven is looking over my shoulder yelling "Go, go , go! Go fast, Mommy!" I guess he's impressed with my super-fast typing skills. Ha.**

Since my last post....

We had a nice, quiet family Easter. The kids had Easter baskets to open in the morning. Steven had a new Car's book, a small toy car, Mickey Mouse stickers, and eggs filled with Hot Wheels Fruit Snacks. Gabby had 'Baby's First Bible,' and new bib, and a little Fresh Food Feeder. She loves sucking melon and banana's from it. We went to church and just relaxed the rest of the day.

Gabby in her Easter Dress

Wednesday, Steven and I had a big cleaning day. We scrubbed this old house from top to bottom. Steven loves to help.

Gabby cracked us up the way she kicked back with her feet up in her "bath" the other night. (This is bath time on nights when I'm too tired and lazy to fill the tub and have a big bath-time-production.)

I put her on the counter in her bouncy seat while cooking, and this is what I turned to find the other day. She was so happy!

This is how I came to realize that it is time to baby-proof the house little rolly-polly is into everything now!

Steve starts his training class this week. Friday he had to have a physical at the clinic and came home with 5 prescriptions! I was like, "oh my goodness - what's wrong with you?" Turns out, he has to test out 3 sleeping pills to see which is best for him (for long missions when they need him to sleep during a designated time) and two antibiotics (the papers with it said it's for in case he comes in contact with Anthrax or anything like that!) to make sure he doesn't get any bad side-effects from them. Steve thought it was crazy to have all these drugs and had me get out what little bit of 'liqueur' we keep in the house and take this picture of him - what a goof-ball!

And here's one of my kids right now. They're just so cute playing together!

March 21, 2008

First Bites

Gabby started eating solid foods yesterday. She was so happy to have her rice cereal. I just love these pictures of my happy little eater!

March 10, 2008

Baby Days

Almost daily someone stops me just to tell me that my children will grow up fast. I get so used to hearing it from strangers everywhere that I don't even think about it anymore. Today, a man said something about it to me as I was holding Gabby outside the BX and it really made me think. On the 7th, Gabby was 5 months old. 5 MONTHS! It seems like just a few weeks ago, I was waddling around thinking she would never come out. Now she's smiling and laughing and has a personality and has likes and dislikes and sits up and rolls across the room and.....sometimes I feel like I'm missing it. I look back at my day and I think, how much time did I spend washing dishes? How much time did I spend cleaning the floor? How much time did I spend running errands? And how much time did I spend just watching my babies being babies, just watching Gabby laugh at her brother, just watching Steven put his stuffed animals to bed....I mean, I see it all, but do I really sit and watch it and sink it in? Because one day they'll be all grown and will I even remember what Gabby's little baby laugh sounded like? Or how many rolls she had on her legs? Or how Steven pronounced "motorcycle" and "cartoons?" I hope I never take for granted these baby days.

March 3, 2008

Happy Campers

We spent Friday night camping at Canyon Lake. We slept in a tent, had a campfire, cooked our food over the fire and everything. We had a lot of fun, just the four of us. The kids really seemed to enjoy it.

Gabby loves being outside and Saturday night Steven was sad to sleep in his regular bed. Steven's favorite activity ever is throwing rocks into water. If we had let him, he would have gladly spent two days standing by the water just throwing rocks. There was a rockwall at the playground that was about 3x as tall as Steven and he climbed it with no assistance (just a spotter!). We were really impressed. Gabby had her first trip down a slide. She couldn't have cared any less. We planned to stay out there Saturday night, as well, but Steve and I were so uncomfortable sleeping in the tent that we came home Saturday afternoon. It was a really fun trip, though.