February 6, 2008

All Settled In

I know it's been SO long since I've had an update on here - but things have just been so busy. First, Steve's graduation was great. His graduation ceremony consisted of him reciting an oath, then me and his dad coming up and pinning his bars on this shoulders. While we were doing this, Steven made his way foward and gave Steve his trash to hold. It was such a traditional and formal ceremony and everyone laughed when Steve's standing there in his service dress, holding Steven's trash.

After the ceremony was a parade then we went down to Steve's sister, Michelle's house in Mississippi. It was so great to see her and our nephews Matthew and Mason. We had fun playing Nintendo Wii with them, now I want one. It was the first time they had met Gabby and they were all so sweet playing with the kids.

A few days later, we moved to Randolph Air Force base. We really love our new home. It was built in the 50s so it's really drafty and creaky but we just have so much more room than we've ever had, that we can't complain about anything - plus, we don't pay for electricity so we don't care that it's drafty - we just crank the heat up more! It is so nice to finally have a backyard that Steven can play in. Gabby loves the little swing we put up for her. She really likes being outside. We've been eating dinner outside a lot lately, too. It's just so nice to have a nice outside space. We can see the flightline from our yard and we can sit and watch the planes land, which is pretty cool. We do hear the planes all day but Steven loves it and I'm starting to get used to it - I don't really notice them anymore.

Steve's navigator training doesn't start until the end of April so until then he's on 'casual status' which means he goes into work for about 30 - 45 minutes in the morning, then comes home and spends every day with us. It's so great. We went to the zoo yesterday and checked our a near-by mall the day before. It's so nice to go do things like that on weekdays when they're completley uncrowded. We had such a good time at the zoo. We rode the train, which was so exciting for Steven and he loved seeing all the animals. He cried in the reptile house - he said the snakes were mean. Then as we were looking at the monkeys, he announced, "I want to go to HOME DEPOT!".....what? Steve and I laughed so hard. What on earth was he thinking about? He is certainly entertaining. Both kids were passed out the whole way home. It sure was a fun day.

So far, we are really enjoying life at Randolph Air Force Base!


Blake & Shaunna said...

Yay for the update! Your home looks great Leah! It seems like you have everything all set up and in it's place-WOW!

Glad Steve is home and getting to spend so much time with you and the kids- What a blessing!

Keep the pictures and the updates coming- I love them, and love you!

marnmic said...

I loved reading the update. It sounds like you all are adjusting quite nicely.
I wanted to let you know. I deleted my "myspace" it was too much to keep up with and I like Facebook much better. do you think you will get a facebook? It would be nice to keep in touch!
I'll keep checking out the blog!
mary ann

Bates Family said...

It is so nice to see that life is going well for you. I am so glad that you guys are finally TOGETHER at home and enjoy life. You look so good. We sure do miss you at MOPS though. HUGS!!!!!

Kami said...

I miss you already! But it looks like everything is going great for you. Love the handing of the trash - that is too funny! You look great!