December 4, 2007

Real Trees Stink...

....actually the only good thing about them is the smell. I put up my Christmas tree up on November 30th. I hate it. I have never hated my Christmas tree before, but this year I do. I hate that tree. I have never had a real tree before. Growing up we always had an artificial one and Steve and I have used the same one I had growing up for the last three years. Well, this year that old artificial tree finally met the inside of a dumpster. It was at least 15 years old and had served us well. So I decided that instead of buying a new artificial one; I would get a real one, and it would be a lot of fun. It was NOT fun. First I had to drag it from the truck to the house which covered me in sap and left a trail of needles through my living room. Then I fought it for about an hour to get it standing straight in its holder. I'm not hour! Then I finally got it up and 'resembling' straight. All the branches were pointing upward from being tied up in the net, so after a few days, they started to straighten out, causing the lights and beaded garland to fall off. Most of my ornaments are too heavy for it so they fall off all the time. I have to vacuum around it constantly and I just know one day I'll forget to water it and it will turn brown and look horrible. Ugh! On top of that, it's so thick and full that all my ornaments just get lost in it and it looks really boring and plain. I'm not going to go out and buy a bunch more ornaments though, because I know that the amount I have looks great on an artificial tree. So as soon as Christmas is over and all the holiday stuff is on sale, I'm going out to buy a pre-lit artificial tree and this time next year, my blog will be entitled, "My Beautiful Tree."

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Anonymous said...

hey Leah, sorry about your tree. I thought it'd be nice to have a real tree one day, but after reading your post, I would of probably felt the same way.

Also thanks for the pics. Kids are just so adorable!!~Michelle