November 17, 2007


As of today Steve has been gone 37 days and will be home in 36! We passed the halfway mark! Yay! There are days that seem to last forever but when I think that he's been gone for over 5 weeks, I realize that it really is going by very quickly. And to think that Gabby will be 6 weeks old on, time really is flying by. She's already outgrown most of her newborn size clothes - she's getting so big! And Steven is back to being potty trained! Yay again! He still has the occasional accident but he's doing well! (for those of you who don't know, he was potty trained for a few months before Gabby was born, then decided to stop - we had to go back to diapers for a while because I could only wash 15 pairs of underwear a day for so long). But he's doing really well and is proud to be a big boy again. I am so thankful for these two little blessings I get to spend my days with!

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