November 11, 2007

40 Weeks of Likes and Dislikes

I've got pregnancy on the brain today. Maybe it's because I was sorting through some maternity clothes earlier. Or maybe I was just looking at Gabby and thinking about those long nine months that I waited for her. Or maybe because I know so many pregnant people ... in my MOPS group, three of the ten of us are pregnant. But whatever the reason, I've been thinking about all my likes and dislikes of pregnancy.

- The planning. Picking names, nursery colors, buying clothes, putting the nursery together, shopping for baby-stuff.
- Never feeling like I need to suck my tummy in.
- The first few months of wearing maternity clothes (as for the last few months, see dislikes)
- The way people (even strangers) respond to me. People are more polite, open more doors, ask if they can help you with things.... even in New York City, people offered their seats to me on the subway when I was 8 months preggo with Gabby....New York, where no one is nice!
- Doctors appointments... hearing the heartbeat, getting an update and hearing "everything looks good."
- Ultrasounds
- Those first flutters.
- When Steve can feel the kicks and says, "Woe!"
- Just knowing there is a life growing inside me.
- Labor. As painful and exhausting as it is, I love it. It's so exciting.
- And of course, the end result. If the end result wasn't so wonderful, I would not ever want to endure these dislikes again:

DISLIKES (most only pertain to after about 6+ months)
- The first few months where I'm not 'showing' yet but I'm getting wider and bigger and just look FAT!
- Not fitting into my old clothes.
- Waiting....nine months is way too long. I would love if pregnancy was 3 months. That would be perfect, enough time to enjoy the "likes" but short enough to get through the "dislikes" without losing my mind.
- The last few months of maternity clothes. I get so sick of the same 10 shirts.
- Outgrowing my maternity clothes....ugh!
- Stretch marks.
- 34 Es (yes, that's a bra size!)
- see my baby.
- Worrying about weight gain....."how am I going to get this off?"
- The strong kicks to the ribs in the middle of night.
- The strong kicks to the bladder.
- Having to get up to use the bathroom every 20 minutes
- The pains in my lower abdomen.
- hold my baby in my arms.
- Not being able to take a full breath because baby takes up all the room.
- Being STARVING then full after two bites, then an hour later, starving again because baby takes up all the room and I can't fit much in my stomach.
- Having the doctor say at 38 weeks, you're only 1 cm and 0% effaced, you've got a while to go
- Sleeplessness.
- hear my baby's cry.
- Not being able to bend down comfortably
- Not being able to pain my toenails...neatly anyway.
- Pictures of myself.
- be a normal person again.

So twice as many dislikes as likes, yet Gabby is one month old and I'm already thinking about when we'll have the next one! Crazy. So as much as I dislike pregnancy, I love motherhood 100 times more. It is a blessing greater than I ever could have imagined. I can't wait to have a whole house full of little Kopers!

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