October 29, 2007

My First Blog

Holly and I talked about starting a family blog when she was visiting me 2 weeks ago. Then, this weekend my friend, Shaunna suggested that it would be a good way to fill my time while Steve is gone - so here it is.
Today is Day #19 of Steve being gone. That means there are about fifty-some days to go. I spoke to him last night for about half and hour. He sounds more like himself every time I talk to him, more relaxed and jokes around more now than those first few days.
Gabby was 3 weeks old yesterday and is doing pretty good. Last night I was convinced she had colic for about an hour. She was just so fussy and I couldn't calm her down. But now in the light of day, and after a good few hours of sleep - I'm sure she doesn't have colic. Steven is starting to show signs of, not jealousy, but attention-deprivation, maybe. When Gabby cries, Steven begins this annoying fake cry. EVERY TIME. He's not deprived of attention - he's just getting less than before. With half as many parents and twice as many children, it's impossible for me to give him the attention he is used to. Poor little guy.
Well, that's all for now. I should get to my list of things to do : laundry, dishes, vacuum, workout, shower, put together kid's Halloween costumes, and start refinishing Steven's bed. That's all in between Gabby's feedings, both kid's diaper changes, lunch time, nap time.....ugh. I'm tired already.